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Frequently asked Questions about Happy Tail Saver's K9 TailSaver™

Can Tail Sleeve be worn outside?  Yes, when adjusted correctly the sleeve is higher than where your dog goes #2 .When belt is correctly attached to underside of harness it does not fit on the belly, so going #1 is fine also.

Is harness and sleeve washable?  Yes, machine or hand wash cold, no bleach,  Machine dry without heat or line dry. 

What do I do with extra strap length? Straps can be cut and edges sealed with small flame or with quick-dry adhesive, or simply tucked in where secure.

Can I cut sleeve shorter?  Yes but it's not recommended. Impedance of tail swing is a part of the protection provided with extra length of tail sleeve.  If you do cut it: leave it to hang close to the floor when standing and longer than tail by at least 3" when laying down.  The material won't fray and glue applied to seam threads where its been cut keeps them from unraveling. 

When can I stop using it? After the wound is healed.  After that it can be worn when there's  risk of re-injuring tail. 

Can I use ointment or bandages under the sleeve?  Yes you can access the tip of the tail from the bottom of the sleeve and the ointment and or bandages will stay on and stay clean. 

How do I attach sleeve so it won't fall off?

#1 The straps from the sleeve to the harness are adjustable, and should be as tight as possible without causing discomfort to your dog.  Check that the sleeve is pulled to underside base of the tail where it meets your dogs body. 

There will be pressure on underside of the base of the tail, however the neoprene patch provides enough stretch and cushioning to assure comfort.

#2  The belt that extends from tail sleeve, to underside of harness and around your dog to the other side of sleeve is important for stabilizing the sleeve on active dogs. It should be comfortably snug. It should put on and adjusted last, after the other straps are adjusted.

Will I need to adjust straps everytime? No, strap adjustments will be made the first time you use it on the dog and perfected for fit within few days. After that you'll use the quick release buckles to take the harness and/or sleeve on and off.

Can I walk my dog with the harness?  Yes, there is a metal ring provided on the harness for dog walking. 

Can my dog wear the harness without the sleeve? Yes, 2 quick release buckles attach sleeve to harness, and 1 belt.

Do I have to use the belt?   Some dogs will not require the belt, especially  if they are less active and if the other straps are properly adjusted.

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