The Solution for Happy Tail Syndrome by Happy Tail Saver

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Your dog is a heavy chewer of non-toys
If your dog's tail points to the ceiling
If your dog wears an XXXL harness or collar
Your dog wears a small or small harness or collar

Under Tail belt

Happy Tail Saver

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Nicely healed tail

Very successful healing for my lurcher who had happy tail. My previous dog - a Great Dane - had to have her tail amputated after unsuccessful bandaging attempts and lots of vet visits. So really happy to see a different outcome.

He was very comfy in the harness - which is great given he is a skinny, deep-chested lurcher. It was such a relief to allow him to wag his tail rather than dreading it and trying to stop him. Cut healed over and scab came off after about a week of wearing with no more damage done.

Love it.