Protect your dog's tail from Happy Tail Syndrome, broken tails, exposed bones, infections, cysts, tail-biting, and other injuries. The K9 TailSaver features a padded tail sleeve and a supportive harness for a comfortable fit that stays on even for active dogs and those who chew bandages or wraps.

  • Two-part system for secure fit and comfort
  • Breathable padded tail sleeve
  • Supportive harness with wag strap and anti-twist technology

    • Secure and Comfortable: Protects injuries, keeps medication in place, and prevents re-injury.
    • Easy Care: Allows for full range of motion, potty breaks, and wagging. Skip the cone!
    • Promotes Healing: Breathable design allows airflow for faster healing.
    • Durable and Reusable: Machine washable for long-lasting use.