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About Us

  Happy Tail Saver is a  family owned business near Chicago, Il.  After our dog's tail developed Happy Tail Syndrome we designed the effective K9 TailSaver®.  We worked long and hard to provide our pup with this effective solution, and then went on to test it on other breeds, perfecting it for all dogs. 
  We want to provide you with both our solution, and moral support /knowledgeable advice as needed.   Our mission is to save your dog's tail from pain and amputation, and to save you from the trauma of a tail that sprays blood everywhere and gets worse by the day.  Veterinarians who have seen the  K9 TailSaver®  advise their customers to get it.  We hope to have our product available in animal hospitals soon, saving you the high cost of repeated visits for your pup's tail. 
  Product quality, caring and superior customer support are our priorities and we offer the k9 TailSaver® with our money-back guarantee, so your dog has a chance to heal.  If your dog's tail doesn't begin to heal from the first day and you  send it back after a 30 day trial we'll refund your money.
This is our story, please share your story and your K9 TailSaver® experience!