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My dog was relentlessly licking his tail wound causing infection and regular bloody messes requiring hours of cleanup around my house. The largest cone available couldn’t keep him off of it. We were on the cusp of having his tail amputated before I found this thing by a stroke of luck.

He doesn’t love wearing it and he can find ways to get the sleeve off but it’s few and far between. This thing ended so much stress for my dog, my household, my wallet and me. I can’t recommend it enough and every vet out there should have some kind of affiliate relationship with this company to help dogs with tail injuries.

Helped heal his tail quickly!

Is not working for my dog. Idk what I'm doing wrong because I know this should work:(

Easy to install.

Great product. Had kept my dog from chewing on her tail. The comfort sleeve also protects it from when she hits corners of the wall. It has prevented a tail amputation. I am very grateful to have found this item.

I wanted to give a good review to this item and ultimately I do think it could work. But for us our dog got his cone off and once that happened he chewed the entire apparatus apart. I’m not requesting a refund because times are hard enough for small businesses and the product is well built - it’s just an awkward item with lots of straps and once the e collar was off and he could chew at all the straps he did. So my suggestion is to ensure that the straps can’t be chewed by either a very good e collar or maybe some sort of onsie ontop of the apparatus. It’s a difficult injury and sadly this item didn’t help for us - but it is well built and they shipped it quickly and in theory I can see it working if you can watch the dog but once they are alone in a crate - we lost all hope I. That situation. We think we are going to be able to save his tail because we have kept him from hitting his tail by moving things around and trying to avoid situations where he hits his tail. Good luck

This tail saving contraption, the company and main woman behind the scenes (Julie) is EVERYTHING! 10/10!

This product was easy to use and quite literally saved our dog’s tail. When I contacted them about expediting the shipping, they made sure to send it from the closest warehouse and it arrived the next day. Cannot recommended more highly.

It is a lot of straps but the instructions are clear it’s better then a cone and constantly wrapping the tail. Thank you tail saver! Maybe color coded clasps.

Amazing product, would definitely recommend!!

It’s a whole Lotta strapping up of the dog and my dog is hyper active so the tail kept coming now if you use the wag strap, your dog cannot go to the restroom so it’s a constant battle

My dog has a tail that curles upwards, naturally. Getting it to stay on his tail is difficult with the current design. It simply requires maintenance to make sure it's still covering his wound.

K9 TailSaver® Set
Michael Brockwell
Absolute game changer

I had to do this review because my Lab had really bad happy tail and my vet wanted to amputate it. I tried the vets tape and tubes with bandages but they wasnt working so I looked for alternatives online and came across this K9 tail saver device. I watched it on U tube been put on and read all the reviews and just had to try it as a last resort. Well I wish it was my first resort because what a huge success it has been for my Lab, we have gone from certain amputation to full recovery. My dog at first was so quite and acting strange with it on, but no more horror seens from blood splattering all over my house and furniture. I persevered with it and the results came quite quickly I have advertised it my local Labrador groups and the response from members needing one is astonishing thankyou to whoever came up with this idea its perfect

Hi, I'm so glad your pup is doing well! I had to protect the tail on my beautiful 'Misty''. She was so determined to remove every covering that I give her all the credit for this design! Julie

K9 TailSaver® Set
Jean OBrien
Watch the video!

It does work when used correctly, but it was a journey. After two weeks it is starting to work.
I didn't put the harness on tightly enough, and I didn't cut the tail bag short enough, and I wrap it - not too tightly - in painters' tape because the tail kept slipping out, and I had to spray the wound antiseptic painkiller and I didn't use on the wag inhibitor strap or whatever they call it and I'm still not sure what to do with that last strap. But, finally, the dog is not spraying blood on my good clothes every time I walk past him.
It's a bit tricky, but it's the only thing that worked for a Dane mix puppy who had to have a wound on the tip of the tail debrided.
Also, it's the only the dog hasn't eaten.
Really, the ONLY thing.
Just, please, watch the video.

K9 TailSaver® Set
Jodie Froehlich
Very complicated

I was very excited about this product as it was basically one of the only other things we could do besides continuing to re-dress my dogs tail. That said, there are so many different pieces to this and straps that make it extremely confusing and hard to even fit your dog. My dog is only nine months old and it’s a Labs so keeping her still to even put this on her is hard. I appreciate the idea but I wish it was easier as this is a very difficult solution

Excellent bit of kit. Early signs show my puppy’s tail is probably quite literally saved. Thank you guys so much, even with shipping super pricey to the UK, it’s worth every penny…

Life saver!

I love this thing. It’s been a HUGE life saver. I have a male 90lb pitbull catahoula and I had two vets tell me I should probably amputate my dogs tail because it just kept busting open and he wouldn’t let me bandage it at all. It was just a little complicated getting fitted at first but the video really helped and it was worth taking a few extra steps than getting an amputation. Thankfully my dog hasn’t tried to chew it up despite being a very energetic dog but the cushion has protected it from reopening and the airy light material has kept it from getting infected. I only wish there was a waterproof version too but beggars can’t be choosers. I HIGHLY recommend trying this before amputation! I’ve even recommended to my vet now and she loved the idea.

K9 TailSaver® Set
Michelle Nothnagel

TailSaver is the best thing ever! My dog surely would have lost her tail or become seriously ill if it hadn't been for TailSaver. As soon as we put it on her, she was not fixated on her tail - it provided the comfort she needed which meant the tail had time to heal. BEST THING EVER!!!

K9 TailSaver® Set
Paula Brooks
It Works Y'all

We purchased the TailSaver for our girl Gracie, her tail NEVER stops wagging. It was a bit labor intensive to get setup correctly then installed on her but once done, and done correctly, it works perfect! We tried so many things before this and the TailSaver is the only thing that works to keep her tail protected and away from the constant licking so it can heal.

K9 TailSaver® Set
Amanda Janssen
New Purchase, great start

I just wanted to post a quick review. We literally ordered the tail saver two days ago and it's already here and set up for our dog. The video set up was straightforward, we can tell it's a well made product and our dog appears comfortable! I cannot thank you enough for the speedy processing time. This will really help our dog recover! Excited to use this!

K9 TailSaver® Set
Steven Silliman
Tail saver

Ordered a tail saver after our dog got the tip of his tail popped off and a big section of hair pulled out. Was directly contacted to make sure they were sending the specific parts needed for him. I appreciate the attention to detail from K9 Tail Saver. They want to help, not just take your money.


I, like so many other people tried everything to cover a hot spot on my dog’s tail. Thankfully I found this site on the the internet. This tail cover did the job! It was the only thing that worked. I am forever grateful.

K9 TailSaver® Set
Mary Anne McElhenney

We were really struggling with my Pupper's happy tail. She developed it without us knowing until it became a big issue with an infection. After 4 treatments with the vet cleaning, medicating and wrapping it, they suggested K9 Happy Tail Saver and Julie was absolutely wonderful, chatting with me over the phone and by email. Her customer service was above and beyond. After dealing with all this and conversations with our vet we made the sad decision to have her tail docked as her breed is very susceptible to repeat issues. Julie has also stated I could return the Happy Tail Saver and would give me a refund no questions asked. I have extolled her virtues to my vet and to anyone I may hear is experiencing the same problem, although I have never heard of happy tail until my own experience. Again, I highly highly highly recommend this product and Julie and her customer service.

K9 TailSaver® Set
Siobhan416 Mccarthy
Fantastic !!

This saved our dog’s tail ! She already had two amputations and a cone or a muzzle would not keep her away from the wound. In desperation we ordered the K9 and it is working beautifully!! The video made it seem far more complicated than it actually was but I appreciate how detailed it was. Thanks for the offer of support we are thrilled and will highly recommend this and share it with our vet !!

K9 TailSaver® Set
Esther Barratt
Saves tails and sanity

Louis and Ella are our sibling working cocker lab cross pups; one started with happy tail syndrome at 6 months old, the other at a year old. Both have accepted their tail saver brilliantly although one does have a tendency to chew the sleeve and tail straps despite applying various deterrents so I have had to do a number of repairs as well as get some replacements. We wouldn’t cope without this incredible product. Use in the house including overnight is enabling their wounds to heal up and we’re starting to see the tail fur grow back. I expect we’ll be using our tail savers for some time as the suggestion is the pups will grow out of being so happy and carry their tails differently as they get older. If they do, great. If they don’t, we’ve got it covered. Thank you for shipping to the UK.