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K9 TailSaver®
House of Horrors No Longer

After weeks of pain, blood splatter, wrapping and re-wrapping our American Bulldog's bullwhip tail we ordered the K-9 Tail Saver. Doug is completely healed and his hair is growing back! For months, we had to chase him and lay on top of him to wrap his tail with gauze and horse wrap to keep it from bleeding and getting infected. He would swing his tail and it would fly off within minutes. Now that we got this miracle device, he sits nicely and lets us put his tail saver on because it makes him feel better. He is so much happier, too. It is an added bonus that our house does not look like something illegal has gone down. Thanks!!

Text support!

I received a text after ordering, they reached out to make sure I ordered the correct size. All the straps can be overwhelming BUT step by step instructions made it simple!!

K9 TailSaver®

K9 TailSaver®

My 2 year old pit mix has a tail that hurts you and her. She has now managed to injure the end of her tail with exuberant wagging. It reopens daily when I get home from work or visitors come.
The K9 tail saver works wonderfully! However, she can’t wear it in the kennel. She would be able to chew on it.There is still pain for her until she calms upon coming out.
Will continue working with her to heal the tail

More than satisfied. Great product!

Lucy adjusted to TailSaver in the first day. Wearing now for two days, behavior normal. Actively chasing after small animals on property, barking at neighbor’s dogs and acting normal without biting or chasing tail.

Great product

Had a bit of trouble getting on but once I got it figured out it was a life saver for my 3 y/o gsd with a tail infection

A Miracle!!

The tailSaver saved my dog from a tail amputation. We tried everything for months and nothing helped or worked. This was our last resort. I couldn't believe it! My dog's tail healed! I HIGHLY recommend this product!!!!!

The HappyTailSaver saved my dogs tail!!!

My baby is a 12 year old labradoodle mix. Unfortunately his tail was caught in the door and I got cut pretty bad. The vet told us to take his bandages off after a certain time, but once We did he would get so excited he would bang his tail on furniture and caused the cut to reopen. The vet told us that he was running the risk of getting his tail amputated pretty soon. Immediately, while on the phone with the vet, I looked up tail savers and could not find anything. Then I found happytailsaver, and it looked too good to be true that there was an actual harness for these specific purposes. I asked the vet about it, and they didn’t seem to know anything about it. So I was hesitant to buy it, but I didn’t want my dogs tail being amputated so I went for it. I’m so happy that I did because his tail healed up within three weeks instead of him having to be confined to a small room and being watched like a hawk and it taking longer to heal. Thank you so much happtailsaver!! I’m going to tell my vet that they need to suggest you guys in a time like this.


I honestly cannot recommend this product enough. My dog has developed a cyst on the top of his tail which will not heal; he has just turned 17 so options for treatment are limited. The vets advised to keep it covered which has resulted in recurring infections. Since using the Tailsaver the surface of the cyst has dried and the infections have stopped. More importantly my dog is comfortable and no longer feeling unwell.

Look no further!

We were going to rename our Lab "VanGo" because he was repainting our home as a true expressionist with the brush on his tail. Lordy, what a happy boy!

Our vet could offer only limited success with stitches or cauterization and suggested an alternative search to heal happy tail. We tried pool noodles and pipe insulation with various configurations of gorilla tape without success. It's imposible to keep protection on a labs tail.

Enter Julie and The Happy Tail Saver...

Now this isn't the end of your work, the device is well crafted and will help tail injury in many situations, (big butt) but, owners will find success when supervision is given during play time. Our lab can fold himself in two and was able to take his new "plaything" off of his tail in short order as he played in the yard. The beauty is that we had a week of healing before he went McGuiver on us. We've become acustomed to removing the protection during extended play, and he's become familar with quick trips to the yard to take care of business. The rig is well thought out and stays clean. Additionally, Julie is open to design mods that improve function and comfort...truly a "wag champion" with my boys' well being at heart.

Lots of stars

Happy dog mom

After trying everything we could he kept taking it off and hurting his tail more...then we came across tail saver....so happy, i think we saved him from surgery

Tail saver review

This product literally saved our lives! It's been the only thing that was let her tail heal.

My dog hates it! But it works! We have been blood free for almost a week now!! Thank Goodness!!

It has been really helping my pup. Thank you.

Tail saver indeed

So far we are doing great ..thank you ..almost decided to have her tail cut off ..so far she’s doing well ..

K9 TailSaver®


Wonderful and amazing product. Exceptional customer service.


So far it has been a godsend. After a while it gets easier to put on especially as my Lab now accepts it without thinking it’s some kind of punishment. The vet is happy and is now leaving it up to me whether I take her back or not. “no more bills”. She only has to wear it in the house as that is where she does the damage to her tail and my decorating. Hopefully this will be an end to this stressful saga.
Whoever came up with this very simple solution is a genius.

Thanks again

It worked!

We got a glowing report from the vet that this product worked.. and Julie was so helpful! Thank you !!

Worth the $

It's a little tough to get on every day, but overall it's been a huge help, even though we've only had if for 6 days. With the way our newly rescued Great Dane wags his tail, this tool will get lots of use over the years! Thanks TailSaver 👍🏼👍🏼

Saved my Shep's tail. Invaluable tool.

Our GSD has allergies. She gets allergy shots, takes apaquel and cytopoint injections. Her tail is still so itchy that she chews it to a bloody nub if we are not watching. We got to the point where we could not leave the house. Once we discovered the tail sleeve however, we strap it on, lock her in the kitchen, and can now go out. It is a great tool in our battle against the chewing.


Nessie has taken to wearing her tail saver so well!! She can still run around like normal and she hasn’t damaged her tail since wearing it!! I was super impressed with how quickly the Tail Saver arrived to me in Australia, I think it was 5 days in total!! So fast and absolutely brilliant!! Thanks so much Tail saver, you really have saved Nessie from having more tail damage leading to potentially having her tail amputated! Thank you so much!!

Buy it!!!!

We have a Great Dane pup (now year & half) that one year ago, I was about “at my wit’s end”....told my husband it’s the dog or me 😭 cause I was spending an hour every afternoon when got home, cleaning up blood. My house looked like Dexter’s laboratory. If the police came, they’d accuse us of murder. This tail saver was a LIFE SAVER! (My husband’s lol) Our baby’s tail finally was able to heal & we saved her & her tail. My vet had said only option was amputation. She’s a beautiful girl, we just didn’t want that. They were so absolutely wonderful, helping me: sending me modifications & different things to try: she was a Houdini! But we’ve all survived!


Thank you. I am so happy I don’t have to worry about blood flying all over our white dog and white walls. Happy tail is not very happy for anyone involved with it. Happy tail is a dumb name, but what is not dumb is K9 tail saver. Give it a try it will save you sanity.

We spoke on the phone. Thanks for your help.