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K9 TailSaver® Set
Tina Kautzman
Snickers Irie

My poor doggy has cushings disease therefore she gets sores often and they don't heal easily. One day her tail hit the table and split open. Blood everywhere. It was so scary. I rushed to the vet. The tail is difficult to heal and we were desperate for something to protect her tail but not keep it tightly wrapped for the rest of her life. We found this product searching the internet and are so glad we did! Putting the device on my dog is a challenge. There is a video so that helps. She is recovering and her tail has been saved!

K9 TailSaver® Set
Jamey Lachiana
A life saver...really

One day my dog decided she didn't like the end of her tail and just started shredding it. Now that she made a wound, she had to keep licking and biting at it aggressively..like she was MAD at her tail. It's unknown if there was trauma to cause this to begin with. She is normally a VERY chill, silly dog, so this wasn't normal.
Put a cone on her and she's almost hurt herself to get it off. She's one of those animals that just CANT have a cone on. Even with a regimen of drugs, she wouldn't leave her tail alone.
My last effort was finding this on the Internet and ordering it immediately, hoping it would work.
It became a life saver for her because she was destined for infections and surgeries to remove her tail, which may have only caused new problems.
The tail saver worked SO well and the woman who contacted me to help me put it on her correctly was FANTASTIC! Top notch customer service.
Honestly, I couldn't get sleep because she was up all night acting like a maniac and is come rushing out of my room to stop her. The tail saver has given us both a second chance at normalcy and Honey is well on her way to healing. Thanks so much!

K9 TailSaver® Set
Marcia Kennelly
Tail Saver for sure!

Like many others have said, we were going down the road to amputation per the vet if we could not get Luna's tail to heal not to mention the bloody massacre our house is starting to look like. I cannot stand the thought of amputation for the obvious reasons of pain and cost but most of all, that tail of hers is part of her personality! I cannot imagine how traumatized she would be if she lost it. We ordered on Monday and received the Tail saver on Wednesday. Wow! It did take some adjustments with the fitting and her getting used to it, but Luna is well on her way to a full recovery. For sizing comparison, Luna is a 60 lb pit mix and we purchased a Medium and it is perfect!

Saved my Lab’s tail

We were at our wits end with an end of tail injury on our 10yo Lab. He cut the tip of his tail wagging too hard one day, then continued to injure it and re-injure it over the course of several weeks. On top of this he would persistently chew off all the dressings and wraps we applied, and licked at his tail. We tried dressings of all different makes, some with bitter apple chew deterrent some without. We tried the cone of shame, the inflatable ring donut and all other methods to keep him from licking his tail. None of these worked. I ran across this product in a desperate search for any way to minimize the ability for him to lick or otherwise re-injure his tail tip and decided to give it a shot. The product is easy to adjust and the instructions are very clear. Once I had it properly adjusted he was unable to get to his tail tip at all. He quickly got used to it, and his tail tip is healing well and I anticipate he will be able to live without the tailsaver in a couple weeks of continued healing. Customer service is also fabulous, when our dog was still able to reach his tail and have it come out of the sleeve initially, the support here sent many tips and ways to get the adjustments just right. This product and the supportive staff likely saved my dogs tail from having to have a partial amputation. Thank you!

K9 TailSaver® Set
Wayne Bagwell
Saved My Tail

My vet was ready to dock my Labs tail and this product saved it. It really only needed a few days to heal and this provided the solution. It helped that I received this one day after ordering!! The lady I spoke with was so helpful too. Thank you, Tailsaver!!!

K9 TailSaver® Set
Paula Huggett
100% Saved my dog’s tail from amputation!

This is the absolute BEST product around! My ER vet and specialist surgeon were all very impressed with how secure and protected it kept my dogs tail for the 6-8weeks we had it bandaged from a severe injury.
It never bothered my Great Dane for a moment wearing it and it allowed her injuries to heal … when the initial prognosis in the ER was tail amputation!
So grateful to the team at Tail Saver for their support and advice on securing the harness perfectly and would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product to anyone who’s dog has any kind of tail injury. It is a game-changer and, in our cause, 100% a tail saver!

Literally a tail saver!

After trying for a month to heal the tail with help from vets, the vet said we couldn't avoid amputation. On the same day we received this news, the TailSaver arrived in the mail. With just 4 days of using it and following the advice from this company, the tail is healing and there is no longer talk of amputation by the vet! We've told all 3 vets we have visited during this ordeal about it and they're amazed! One is even ordering one for her dog. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this incredible produce!


After a little trial and error, we got the adjustments right and it did what it was supposed to do. I have a giant lab that swings his tail like Ken Griffey Jr. After trying several methods we got the tail saver. He had to wear it for a little over a week, but the bleeding stopped and he's back to normal. Thank you.

Best Purchase! BUY NOW

My only regret with this product is I didn’t buy it sooner! AMAZING PIECE OF KIT!

As I’m from the UK I was hesitant in buying something from the US and it taking too long to arrive. So I didn’t get it thinking by the time it arrived I would have my girls tail fixed!

I tried everything two cones, to doughnut rings and bandages but she could still get them all off and at her tail!

In the end I was risking having to have the tail amputated, I had to order the Happy tail saver but unfortunately it was over the Christmas period. Expecting not to get it until at least January but I came before then and has literally saved my girls tail.

It is still healing but I’m sure another 10days of this on and she will be good as new! Do not hesitate get it! It’s great quality, great for those dogs that absolutely don’t sit still. I have a working line Labrador who does not know how to chill and it has worked wonders for her.

Photos are of her tail before and one taken today 8days of wearing it. She wore it in the house at all times only take off to go toilet and when on walks.

Happy Tail Sorted

Decided to invest in the tail saver after multiple hassles with my dogs tail.
Product works perfectly, multiple adjustments to ensure a proper fit.

Helped so much!

This product helped out my dog when I thought there was no other option left. I would recommend it to anyone who is having issues with their dog’s tail. They also have really great customer service!

K9 TailSaver® Set
Tyler Hanson
Best treatment option we’ve tried

Our setter had broken open the tip of his tail while hunting in the woods and we were struggling to get it to heal. We were able to get this to fit him great and he was comfortable wearing it for almost two weeks with breaks. It did a great job protecting his tail without limiting him. We were also able to easily apply medication to his tail without having to remove everything. Without this I don’t think we could’ve got the results that we did.

K9 TailSaver® Set
Sheila Ernest

We are very satisfied with the tail sleeve and harness we purchased. It is the only thing that has worked for our dog to keep her from licking a cyst on her tail. Thanks for your help Julie!

K9 TailSaver® Set
Treg Peyton
Saved her tail

Took a bit to get adjusted right but the service technicians did and excellent job assisting us. Saved us from surgery & $.

Disaster with a Happy Ending

I’m going to give you the whole story! Lol!

We rescued a dog (puppy) who was tied up with his siblings in contractor bags and dumped on the side of the road. We noticed the tip of his tail was not normal and assumed it was most likely due to his previous living conditions or chewing on it. It continued to get worse and our house started looking like a murder scene. I then learned about Happy Tail Syndrome. We tried wrapping it numerous times multiple ways and nothing lasted more than 24 hours. His tail is so long he could reach it even with an inflatable collar on. I was at my wits end! We finally decided to try the Happy TailSaver.

We received it literally the next day after ordering and spent a few hours trying to figure out how to get it on correctly …..mainly how to keep his tail from slipping out and keep it from chafing him on his underside. We were also dealing with a very active large (American Bulldog/Great Dane) puppy! We had to give him a mild sedative to help keep him calm and of course never left him unattended because he’s a chewer. We also used Vicks per their suggestion to deter chewing.

Our neighbor watches our dogs occasionally when they aren’t with us. I explained the whole TailSaver contraption to her and told her he could NOT be left unattended. Well, she obviously thought he couldn’t do much damage in 10 minutes when she left for a few minutes to let her own dog out (she lives next door). WRONG! Brody proceeded to basically destroy it. I literally cried. We tried to fix it by making modifications, sewing, Velcro-ing, you-name-it, but it still was just not right and he knew it! You would probably laugh if you saw what all we tried.

We were asked to leave a review and I explained how I wish we could, but Brody didn’t wear it long enough to see if it actually worked. Our next option would most likely be amputation. A few days later and after a conversation with Julie from the company, a replacement came in the mail.

I am pleased to report that Brody’s tail is almost completely healed and we are all “Happy”. This company deserves more than 5 stars on all levels!

Do not hesitate to purchase this TailSaver! It will not only save your dog’s tail, but it will also help to save your sanity.


A Very Satisfied Customer

K9 TailSaver® Set
Andrew Tanner
I never leave reviews, here’s a 5*, well deserved review

Fantastic product. Our lab got happy tail for the first time being boarded. A family member had a lab that had to have its tail amputated for the same reason.

I quickly found this product online and ordered it. While it took 2 solid days for our dog to get used to wearing it, he stopped caring about it shortly after and we were completely healed in 2 weeks. I will say he didn’t do well with the wag straps at first, and it would have been easier to keep his tail in the protector had I stuck to using them from the get go. I did not use the wag straps at all, and if you could get your dog used to them, it would solve a lot of issues with the tail popping out.

We would take the tail saver off each night before he went to bed, and treat with Neosporin. We did take the tail portion off for him to go to the bathroom as he never could quite get used to going with it on (left the chest harness on).

I would highly recommend this for anyone working though happy tail issues. Thank you to the owner for developing such an effective product.

K9 TailSaver® Set
Rodney Harry
K9 Tail Saver

Absolutely MAGIC!! Wish I had known about this earlier, it would have saved a lot of heartache.. K9 Tail Saver is ABSOLUTELY a LIFESAVER!! Highly recommended to anyone that has an animal with a tail issue..

K9 TailSaver® Set
Bobbi Bassett

Extra straps should come with it to replace the chewed ones.

A very helpful company.

Excellent and helpful communication notwithstanding the time difference. Prompt despatch. Well packaged. It did stop our dog licking the fur from his tail, however ensure to use a cone if you are not around to keep a watch. We trusted him as he seemed to be leaving it alone only to return home to find he had chewed one of the underchest harness. The fur has started to regrow on his tail. A good product from a very helpful and communicative company.

K9 TailSaver® Set
Darlene Jelen
Great Product...Wish it came in XXS

My pup had a hot spot on his tail and created a real mess (not the first time). I always feel bad using the cone of shame and came across this product. He's a Toy Poodle, just under 8 lbs with fine bone structure, so the XS is a little big on him, even with the straps pulled as tight as possible. He can sometimes wiggle out of the whole harness so wish it came in an XXS. I hadn't noticed until just now that there was an option for a custom size, since this was listed below the XXL size. Regardless, it has helped. Highly recommended for dogs with tail issues.

K9 TailSaver® Set
Arlene Woods
Miracle Tail Saver

Bishop has a tail like a whip and he smacked it open hitting car window. After a month of laser treatments 3 times week and collagen and sedation , antibiotics and pain meds, he would rip off dressings and smack it open. We were faced with amputation when I found tail saver. No cone was long enough for his big head. He adjusted to it readily and now the tip is healed and hair growing back. Miracle! Going to show my vet this option so other dogs can know about this option. Many thanks.


The tailsaver is the only thing that has been successful in keeping our dog from licking a chronic cyst on her tail. We are so pleased and thankful for the help Julie gave us with our order.

Outstanding solution for happy tail

This harness and tail guard has been an absolute game changer. We bought it to help our 2.5 year old Great Dane manage a bad wound on his tail, which wouldn’t heal in consequence of “happy tail syndrome”. It took some work and bribery to get it on him but, once in place, stayed in place and worked outstandingly. The straps/ties are very long so we ended up having to cut them once we’d adjusted them to our dog’s size and the strap that goes under the belly does continually detach from the buckle. This is likely more to do with an overactive dog than a problem with the product. I had wondered whether this might end up being a lot of money on an overcomplicated solution to the problem but it is quite simply the only thing that has worked and our dog is now used to wearing it and seems to be very comfortable wearing it. He can also still wag his tail so we do know when he is happy. Importantly, after two days, his wound has healed considerably. Couldn’t be happier with the choice. Thank you!

K9 TailSaver® Set
Sheri Castillo
Great product for a while

Our 8 month old Dane split her tail open. Bandages and pool noodles were a waste of time as they lasted about 30 minutes. We got this product and it worked and her tail healed up in a week. We intended to leave it on until she gets spayed in a couple of months at which time we are planning to have her tail docked so she cant injure it again. But unfortunately she chewed through the straps that connect the tail piece to the harness and ruined it.

K9 TailSaver® Set
Paul Graham

This is unbelievable it has been months of trying to heal his tail, plus vet bills. This is after a week.