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Happy Tail Syndrome & Breaks, Wounds, Allergies

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happy tail syndrome, k9 tailsaver, dog tail bleeding, dog tail injury, dog biting tail until it bleeds, tip of dogs tail cut off, tip of dog tail bleeding,dog tail tip protector,dog tail injury tipHAPPY TAIL SYNDROME vs. INJURED TAIL
 HAPPY TAIL   SYNDROME describes   injuries that dogs   get   as a result of   wagging   their tails.   Long, whip-like tails, or extremely powerful, are most vulnerable. A dog ay not get an injury until a family moves into a new home, with an area where the walls are closer together. Sometimes the cause is a stay at a kennel, where the smaller environment leads to injury (kennel tail). What often begins as a tiny injury at the tip of the tail can lead to one of the hardest injuries to heal a dog can have.  Tails wag and any injuy on it will spurt blood as it impacts hard surfaces and  it can spray for many feet across walls and furniture. Most folks who have gone through this describe their homes as looking like a murder scene...crime scene or massacre   If the vet doesn't know about the K9 TailSaver he or she will likely bandage the tail and put a cone on the dog, and may suggest a tranquilizer to reduce wagging or aggression caused by the dog's ongoing pain. However, most dog's can still reach their tails with a cone on leading to frequent visits to the vet, sleepless nights, bloody walls, and worried dog owners. One of the worst case scenarios is  when a dog chews through the bandages, and doesn't stop there, causing great harm and damage to the tail. Fortunately,  thousands of Vets are now using the K9 TailSaver,  While  Happy Tail Syndrome is a recurring problem, it is solved within days when a k9 TailSaver is used at the first small sign of tail injury. 

When do vets suggest amputating?  Vets may be quick to bring up amputation if they haven't used the K9 TailSaver.   Dog owners who ask the vet to check their dog's wounds after 1 week with TailSaver protection will find that the vets change their minds quite often about wanting to amputate.  

KENNEL TAIL Dog tails can be broken by the hard surfaces in the kennel, boarding, or training school. TAIL ANXIETY  Some dogs chase and bite their tails  For these dogs wearing a comfortable tail cover will often stop the cycle, BROKEN TAIL  Tails get closed in doors or broken otherwise. Breaks will heal but dogs complicate the  injury by licking it.   FLEAS  can cause  tail sores.  CUTS & POST SURGERY WOUNDS   Surgery for cysts, tumors, or accidents DOG GROOMING can nick a tail and lead to a major problem.

WHY ARE TAIL INJURIES SO HARD TO HEAL?  Dog tails heal quickly when protected from the dog...and reinjury done by wagging. However, dog's don't like anything to touch their tails.  Bandages are often eaten whole while syringes,  tubing, pool noodles, and bottles, and tape are torn off in minutes. Bandage  saturated in blood from the wound may lead to chewing of both the bandages and the tail  leading  to a serious ER visit.
VETS & DOG OWNERS TRY TO HELP: Dog cones are used, but that protects a dogs body, but often not  the tail.  . Dogs can bend far around and usually reach the tip of their tail. Cones, muzzles, tape, bandages, foam noodles , tail sock, binding, no-chew sprays, etc.  Only a muzzle or a K9 TailSaver will work for all dogs. Muzzling  isn't a comfortable long term solution.  K9 TailSaver is comfortable and dogs adjust to wearing it, and ccan wlear it non-stop for a long time if needed. 
DO DOGS  CHEW THE TAILSAVER? For  two days dog's are adjusting to having something touching their torso. Interestingly, any chewing that happens after that can be traced to a comfort issue & when corrected the chewing behavior doesn't return. 
WHAT DO VETS DO?  Veterinarians that have used the TailSaver  will use one.  If not, they'll dress and bandage the wound and may suggest scheduling an  amputation.   Antibiotics are often used, and dogs may be given medicines to calm them. That's less likely to be needed with the use of a TailSaver.