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K9 TailSaver protects injured bleeding dog tails, and helps avoid amputation of dog tail. it's a sleeve and harness set that stays on any dog tail, and allows happy tail syndrome to heal, and your pup can wag his tail and be comfortable.
happy tail syndrome solution to heal dog tail bleeding, dog tail injury and to stop  dog biting tail until it bleeds. Heal tip of dogs tail cut off, tip of dog tail and stop the bleeding.It's the dog tail tip protector for dog tail injury.
happy tail syndrome solution to heal dog tail bleeding, dog tail injury and to stop  dog biting tail until it bleeds. Heal tip of dogs tail cut off, tip of dog tail and stop the bleeding.It's the dog tail tip protector for dog tail injury.
K9 TailSaver®

K9 TailSaver®

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      K9 TailSaver® is a complete set and Includes:

      Support Harness  Secures the Tail-Sleeve so it will not move or come off. The adjustable straps and fasteners provide easy on/off attachment to the Tail-Sleeve. It's designed for comfort and long wear times, with no pressure points.

      Materials: 1/6" thick breathable Polyester AirMesh with Ripstop Nylon on exterior to keep it dry, and flexible Neoprene at neck for comfort.

      Washable - hand wash and hang dry

       Protective Tail Sleeve - Breathable and secure tail sleeve completely encases your dog's tail and is made of durable cotton canvas lined with AirMesh for 1/8" cushioning. Adjustable straps provide anti-twist security and the Tail Sleeve will not move in any direction with 6 strategically placed anchor points to the harness. Your dog's tail-tip injury will stay clean and covered, you can check the wound, and your dog's tail can heal. 

      Materials: 100% Cotton Canvas Tail Sleeve with Polyester AirMesh padding, both fabrics breath and allow airflow.

      Washable - Machine wash and hang dry

      Anchoring Belts (2) A waist to chest belt and a universal belt is included for anti-twist action that will keep the tail sleeve on even the most active dog. 

      4 Straps hold the Tail Sleeve in a unique anti-twist design. One of them can be used to hold the tail  from going "up" over the back or to inhibit wagging. 

      Guaranteed to remain in position and be comfortable or your money back.

      When you include measurements we will assure you are sent the correct size and if your pup chews  blankets let us know. We have tips/advice. 


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 260 reviews
      Diane Hanna
      Best thing ever!!!

      Our 10 month old Pit/Boxer/Sheppard mix broke the tip of his tail open when we moved him to a larger crate. He is such a happy boy and his tail is a whip! I found the Happy Tailsaver online and after trying everything else recommended by the vet.
      We decided to give it a try. He has been wearing it two weeks and it is almost entirely healed. The video on how to set it up was very helpful. It took a few minor adjustments to finally get it right. He leaves it alone and has been wearing it 24/7 since. I highly recommend the Happy Tailsaver, the mess alone in the house was horrible, let alone his poor tail. I believe we are heading in the right direction now on savings his tail, thanks to this product. I would give it 10 stars if I could!

      Christian Girardet
      It really is a tail saver

      As we had been trying everything to stop Gamin to chew on his tail and prevent it from healing, tail cropping was becoming more and more a certainty in a not too distant future. Enters TailSaver and after 3 weeks, it is now healed, fur is growing back and I hope to be able to remove TailSaver in about another 2 weeks. It really works and saved that fog’s tail. A thousand thanks!

      Cameron Staines
      Great product

      This really helped Winnies happy tail

      Torie B.
      Wish I would of bought it sooner!

      This was the best thing for my lab. She cut her tail, had a terrible case of Happy Tail, and the vet had to cut 5 1/2 inches off. I bought 2 cones, the blow up neck thing, a muzzle, and tried several DIYs, but she was still able to lick her tail. They combined with her constantly hitting the wound, I would not heal. The vet said that she would end up having to take more of the tail if she wouldn't quit hitting it. I had the Happy Tail Saver over-nighted, and within 2 days, I could tell a huge difference. She was happier, couldn't touch/hit her wound, but felt like herself again. I will definitely tell everyone about this, I already let the vet's office know. It's worth the money.

      Catherine Dwyer
      Saved the Tail

      Our portuguese water dogs' tail was cut and ended up severely infected after a mishap at the local dog day care. The Vet said tail amputation was likely if our guy wouldn't stop licking the wound after he removed the bandage nightly despite wearing a cone. This product saved his tail. He is after a month the proud owner of a beautiful tail. Now we are waiting for the hair to grow back and he is back to his happy self. Use the tail saver! It can be itchy as wounds heal so ask you Vet for advice to help with the itch.

      Susan Montgomery
      Works great! Saved us from having to amputate the tail!

      We had a unique problem, not happy tail but a stressed out pup chewing his tail. Not only has the harness stopped that, and allowed the tail to heal, also acted a bit as a thundershirt to calm him down a bit.

      Susan Glenn
      Watch instruction video first

      Be sure to watch the online instructional video before attempting to assemble this harness. It will save you a lot of time. My lab doesn’t like wearing it, but he also doesn’t like having his tail wrapped with pipe insulation and vet wrap. I don’t like having blood splatter on my walls, upholstery, and clothes, so he will wear it. I was hesitant about the price but it is well worth the money. I’m glad I purchased it.

      Stephen Reinertson
      Saved much time, money, frustration, and pain!

      This thing looks weird but it certainly works! My German Shepherd had some wounds on his tail which I had been bandaging constantly for well over a month. The bandages caused the wounds to heal very slowly and he was always trying to chew them off, thereby further injuring his tail. I have gone through roll after roll of wrap and boxes of gauze. I finally searched for better solutions out of frustration. After less than a week of using the TailSaver the wounds are nearly healed! This has made life for me and him much better! Definitely recommend using the Verticyn hotspot spray to start with until the wounds are dry.

      Mary Rohrer
      Great product...tail healed!

      As others mention, most important step is proper harness strap adjustment! Buster (8 year old, Boxer/Dane mix) wasn't too thrilled but would only whine to the kids (as they would feel bad and take off the tail cover). Since he is healed, we only have him wear it a few hours a day, at times he is most active & excited.

      Our vet wasn't familiar with the TailSaver but was so impressed they took pictures to share with others!

      Highly recommended!!

      Michael Claflin II
      Great product

      Works well, is designed well, and they back the product. Definitely helps control/protect your dogs tail.