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Love this!!!

This product is a life saver for us. I was dreading the thought of amputating my boys tail when our vets told us that was the only option. The K9 TailSaver literally saved his tail. Not only that but the customer service is unmatched. They do a great job of making sure you have what you need before and after delivery.

K9 TailSaver®


Worked great for our golden retriever

Well thought out design

We have been using the tail saver for a few days now and I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of the construction. Clearly there was attention to detail on covering the snaps with Velcro and fastening adjustable ends with Velcro lock ties. The padded under tail portion of the sleeve reduces the chance of irritation for our dog. Our dog likes to sleep curled up so the back straps become a bit too tight when she is sleeping- we have tried to remedy this by attaching the back straps together with a Velcro lock strap for a tighter fit when she is awake and removing it when she is resting to loosen the fit a bit. All of the bandaging options we have tried come off within a few minutes or hours but the happy tail sleeve stays in place so far. It did take a bit of time to adjust the fit initially but we are hopeful that this product will save us from having to amputate our happy dog’s happy tail!

Cally Flat Coat Retriever

It works, we have tried everything to stop our poor callys tail from splitting open , every time she wags her tail and catches it on something. I am a UK buyer and it only took 3 days for delivery with NO airport tax charges .A delight to deal with, would definately spread the word and recommend

Great Product and Great Customer Service

My lab/pitt mix had been banging her tail so much that it’s started bleeding soooooo much. The vet said we could amputate her tail but at her age (13) it would be very risky. Finding this product was a god send. It’s been two weeks an my dogs tail is fully healed. When I got the product I was not sure how to correctly fit it on my dog, but I called customer service and Julie assisted me with sizing! This saved my dogs tail! Thank you!

Excellent fix for a an unexpected issue that took us by surprise. Hopefully the excited tail will get a rest now.

Very confusing

This is a very complicated contraption. The directions aren’t clear and the video didn’t help. The tail sleeve is about a foot too long. I have it on my dog now in the best way I could figure out but I think it’s going to fall off. There’s 3 pages of instructions and stickers on the device. I’m really confused. There are so many parts and straps and extra long straps. It appears the device is made of quality material though.


We got this for our 2 year old Labrador retriever who split a 1/4 inch worth of her tail off. After multiple bandages ripping off hair each time I decided to pull the trigger on this item. A few weeks later and our labs tail has completely healed. We are so thankful. Everything is extremely well thought out and sturdy.

Saved Kara a surgery!

The HappyTailSaver has allowed our Great Dane Kara to keep her tail! We tried the cone of shame and bandages and nothing worked. Our vet recommended the tail saver and now no surgery will be necessary! Her tail is finally healing now, after several months of repeated re-injury due to her excited tail wagging and licking the wound after re-opening it. Thank you so much!!
Answered prayer, God is good!

Perfect for my dog!

Our dog suffers from happy tail and this harness and tail cover is working wonders. It keeps him from banging his tail into things and the walls.

not as helpful as I had hoped

The tail saver would not stay on my dogs tail. I don't know if it was the device itself, my dog, probably both. Anyway it proved to be more frustrating than I wanted to deal with. I don't have anything negative to say about the product itself. Apparently it works for other people's dogs. My personal exerience just wasn't a great one.

This is the Happy Tail Syndrome answer !

We had chronic bleeding dog's tail with home bandage attempts and multiple vet visits. None of our efforts worked consistently or for any decent period of time. The TailSaver has been effective for 2 weeks now and we have confidence in its continued success. It does take some effort to adjust the buckles and straps to customized your dog's fit, but it's well worth it.

kobe-great dane

the only problem i have had with this harness is that the side adjustments loosen ..and have to be watched..other than that kobes tail is healing nicely after a week of continuous use...he accepted the tail cover with very little problem.i only needed the two primary straps that went across his back to hold it in place..also your video show snaps rather than straps for the harness but is helpful in explaining basic concept and unlimited adjustment may be better because each dog is so different..so thanks for a good solution


I recently fostered a stray with an injured tail. His tail wagged so hard it was very difficult to bandage the tail saver stayed on to allow his tail to heal. he didn't mind it being on at all! genius design, THANK YOU for this amazing product!

Working great so far!

Ordered the Tailsaver for my 3 year old black lab who is on her second "episode" of happy tail. This time the wound was more severe and got infected, so she's still getting weekly bandaging from the vet - but the Tailsaver has been a wonderful alternative to the cone for keeping the bandage safe & adding more cushion! It's a little confusing to put on the dog at first but you'll get used to it. My pup had no issues with it - I was worries she would chew at the cloth bag but she hasn't touched it! We have it on her most of the time now, she can still run in the park, go potty, go for long walks. I love that this doesn't get in the way at all, and really won't come off!

Customer service on point!

I found this product after trying to get my dog’s tail to heal for a month. The design is great and definitely helpful! Unfortunately between my dog apparently being Houdini reincarnated, and the tail sleeve ripping at one point we were not able to save his tail and he now has a nub. When the tail sleeve ripped I reached out and explained what happened. A replacement tail sleeve was sent out that day! Customer service is absolutely on point and definitely caring!!

worked well

it's a pain in the butt to put on if your dog constantly wag's her tail (which is why her tail was bleeding in the first place!) but once it's on, it worked really well. she's no longer bleeding and i only had it on her for a few days. she was busting it open smacking it on the hallway walls! just needed a break!


Don’t even hesitate if you’re thinking of purchasing - it’s so great! Our poor baby got her tail cut by the groomer and had to have the bottom of it amputated. Her tail still hadn’t healed weeks after the surgery, and the vet was suggesting a complete amputation. I did some research and found this, along with an amazing wound cream called Silver Honey. We are about 12 days in with the tail saver and I couldn’t be happier. Her tail is almost entirely healed. My dog isn’t a big chewer so it’s easy for her to keep it on, she even sleeps through the whole night without touching it. I did sew in some Velcro to close the bottom up because my other dog kept trying to lick her tail, but that was an easy addition.

Thank yoy

I want to thank you for this tail saver it is a great idea HOWEVER I have to say that my heeler is very aggressive w his tail that we now have to amputate I allowed him to be without the bag for a few hours to allow air to get at it to heal but he got to it so bad w an e collar on that he exposed the bone and tendons. I’m happy this was created it may help other dogs w less issues than mine :(


I just purchased my third happy tail saver. Unfortunately our puppy is over wearing it and the second one only lasted two days before she had it shredded. But luckily her tail has healed to the point where there are no open wounds or scabs. Just waiting for the hair to regrow. We battled for months trying every other method and this tail saver is the only thing that worked. She had an appointment to have her tail amputated tomorrow. But we’ve canceled that. This product saved our dog’s tail. No question.

Perfectly designed product

This product is perfectly designed and does what it's supposed to do. After more than a week straight of wearing the harness, our dog has no sores from chafing and is completely unbothered by the harness. Life changing.

works great

easy to harness on dog. does the job well. replaces the need for the cone of shame.

Finally healing

We tried everything...slings, bandages, bitter bandages. Nothing worked and our 9 mo old Great Dane puppy managed to get out of anything we tried and would not keep any sort of wrap or bandage on. Our house routinely looked like a scene out of Dexter. I was skeptical, but after a week we unwrapped her to see how it was healing. It was finally, finally healing up! After 6 weeks of blood splatter and thinking we’d have to amputate it, her tail is healing nicely. Now I worry about her NOT wearing it and cracking the tail open again. Highly recommend the happy tail saver, it works!

Hi we haven’t actually been able to use it just yet. Unfortunately Athenas (our pup) tail needed to have 6 inches amputated. It’s was to far gone to save. Her body was killing it off. Was turning black. But she still has half her tail and we plan to use the tail saver as soon as her 3 layers of stitches are removed.