#1 Tail Protection for HappyTail, Breaks, & more. Fast Worldwide Shipping

K9 TailSaver® by Happy Tail Saver

#1 Vet Recommended for Happy Tail Syndrome, Broken Tail, Exposed Bone, Infection, Cyst, Tail-Biting , or Hairless Sores. Tail's are Protected by the Padded Tail-Sleeve and the Supporting Harness. It Stays on Active Dogs and Chewers of Bandages, Wraps, Noodles and Covers. It's Secure and Prevents Re-Injury.

Dogs Leave the K9 TailSaver Alone, Injuries are Protected, Medicines stay on for Fast, Safe Healing.

K9 TailSaver® is a set and Includes a Breathable Padded Tail Sleeve, a Carefully Designed Support Harness, a Wag Strap and a Cross-Body Anti-Twist Strap.

It Doesn't Trigger Chewing. 

Wound care is easy.

Your Dog Can Go Potty. Be Crated. Wag. Skip the Cone. 

Wearing the K9 TailSaver Full-Time is Recommended, LeavIng Bandages off (if Possible) Allowing for Access to Injury and Air Flow for Healing. Money is Saved on Repeat Veterinary Care and Emergency Amputation Cost.

•Tail Fits inside of Tail-Sleeve • Going Potty OK • Can Wag •Padded Protection • Breathable • Comfortable • Wear Anywhere

• Washable •Tails Heal 

Heal your dogs injured tail tip with K9 TailSaver, and your dog will thank you because it's comfortable. Avoid risky and expensive docking, this is kind and effective. Its guaranteed or your money back.

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HOW TO CHOOSE A SIZE:: A dog's weight is a good indicator of size. Take care regarding PLUS sizes, only choose them if your dog's back is long enough. There is overlap between sizes, but when choosing XS and S sizes note that those are for tails 13.5" or shorter.

 HOW TO MEASURE BACK: Back Length is from collar to rump (base of tail). 

SIZE BY BREED/ X-SMALL- Yorkshire Terrier, Pomeranian, SMALL- Cocker Spaniel, Beagle 

MEDIUM- Dalmation, Visla, Pitbull (smaller)

LARGE - Labrador, Pitbull, Bulldog, 20" Tail ok.

LARGE-PLUS (backs over 30") - German Shepard, Weimaraner, Rhodesian Ridgeback. "Plus" is only larger by back length. 21" tail ok.

X-LARGE- Great Dane, and  Large dogs over 100 pounds

XX-Large- Irish Wolf Hound, Mastiff, St.Bernard and large dogs over 125 pounds.

SIZE BY WEIGHT (Pounds): XS 8-18 pounds S - 18-38 pounds MEDIUM- 38-58 pounds LARGE 58-100 pounds LARGE-PLUS back is 30"-40 , weight 58-100 X-LARGE- 100-125 pounds XX-LARGE 125-250 pounds XX-LARGE PLUS back is 40"- 50"

Customer Reviews

Based on 393 reviews
Dorman Long
German Shepherd

Thanks for making such an innovative product! We have a GSD in which she was chewing her tail for several months. Turned out a strong antibiotic cured what must have been some sort of infection. Between the antibiotic and the tail saver we avoided having to have her tail amputated, which was getting way too close for comfort!

The antibiotic got the infection and the tail saver kept her from chewing it, win win!!!

Again, thanks for making the tail saver and being a part of our GSD from losing her beautiful tail!

Graham Ladell
Excellent Customer Focused support

Given how difficult tail protection is this product does a remarkable job. May well have helped save our labrador's tail which will be fantastic - fingers crossed.
Could not be happier - Julie is about as helpful as it is possible to be!

Sunny Chiang
Great product

That’s great, prefect fit to protect my dog

Nichole Alfau

Sadly my pups tail couldn't be saved, we had to amputate on Tuesday.
Product was well made, arrived quickly and great communication via email throughout the process.

Nina Hithcock
Hyperactive GSD mix w/ happy tail

My dog recently had an injury to his tail that required TWO surgeries. He's a Boxer GSD mix and has the energy (and anxiety) that you would expect of that combo. This harness has been a true godsend for us. His tail is healing well and he isn't bothered by the harness at all. He has some "wiggle room" but no big swings to whack into anything which means the tail can heal properly and my house doesn't look like an episode of CSI. THANK YOU FOR THIS MIRACLE DEVICE!

Dominic Sarlo
Works great

Great product. Super fast shipping. Pup’s vet is very impressed with it and seems to be working!!

Lauren Lane
I don't know which was better; The product or the customer service!

The same as a lot of pet owners here, I also thought my dog had the worse case of happy tail. We tried what we thought was everything from bandages to medicine. I was about to give up and just opt for the surgery because I couldn't bear the thought of how much it must hurt my baby. I was wiping blood off the walls everyday. I even had a routine when people came over to try and keep her calm. It got to the point that she didn't need to bang it against an object to start bleeding, it would bleed simply from hitting her own body. My sister showed me the TailSaver and I nearly cried! I initially ordered a Large as my Pitbull is weighing in at 86lbs, but upon arrival I realized she would more than likely need a size down. Julie did not hesitate to help us out! The medium came and fits her amazing. She was a little grumpy at first, but after a lot of treats and a little time she is adjusting well. I was more worried about how comfortable it would be when she sleeps since she is always napping, but she proved that it was no problem. I would recommend this product to anyone! Huge thanks to Julie for everything!!!

Joe galant

I just wanted to thank Julie for exceptional customer service support, I’ve had a few minor issues with the tailsaver and she has went above and beyond to rectify the issues! It’s so refreshing to get great customer service especially in this day and age! The product overall is absolutely wonderful and a way better solution than other alternatives (ego. surgery and/or docking the tail) I can’t say thank you enough for the service and support I’ve received!!! If you’re are having issues with happy tail syndrome with your pet and are questioning this product, take it from me….Do not hesitate in purchasing this!!!

Stacey Eddy
Fantastic product!!!

My pup injured her tail by slapping it repeatedly on the walls/door frame/us you name it. I tried to use coban, bandages and gauze but she just wagged it off no matter what I did. In fact the bandaids were actually causing her harm by pulling hair and tender skin off. After visiting with the vet and being told amputation was probably in the future I made the decision I would drive 8 hrs to pick this up. My pup is my life and I was going to do everything possible for her. I called to find out exactly what on her I had to measure and found out they will overnight it to me. It was late in the day and she was already home but went over everything with me. It's been about 3 weeks or so and so far her tail has healed nicely. She has a small sore still and I do not want to be premature and pull it off until she is totally healed. This is worth the money!!! Everything you will be told is true. Pups feel like they can't walk when you put it on initially but give it a day and they will be moving.

Literally saved the rest of my dog's tail

My dog had to get part of his tail amputated following a degloving injury. After the amputation his tail was not healing properly. I tried everything but he kept reinjuring it on walls, etc. Eventually, my doctor started talking about performing a second amputation to make his tail even shorter. As a last ditch effort I bought the tailsaver. It actually worked and healed right up! Thanks!