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K9 TailSaver® Set
happy tail syndrome solution to heal dog tail bleeding, dog tail injury and to stop  dog biting tail until it bleeds. Heal tip of dogs tail cut off, tip of dog tail and stop the bleeding.It's the dog tail tip protector for dog tail injury.
happy tail syndrome solution to heal dog tail bleeding, dog tail injury and to stop  dog biting tail until it bleeds. Heal tip of dogs tail cut off, tip of dog tail and stop the bleeding.It's the dog tail tip protector for dog tail injury.
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K9 TailSaver® Set

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      K9 TailSaver® is a soft tail brace set that Includes:

      Support Harness  Secures the Tail-Sleeve so it will not move or come off. The adjustable straps and fasteners provide easy on/off attachment to the Tail-Sleeve. It's designed for comfort and long wear times, with no pressure points.

      Materials: 1/6" thick breathable Polyester AirMesh with Ripstop Nylon on exterior to keep it dry, and flexible Neoprene at neck for comfort.

       Protective Tail Sleeve (soft tail brace)   - Breathable and secure tail sleeve completely encases your dog's tail and is made of durable cotton canvas & AirMesh for cushioning and unhindered airflow. Adjustable straps provide anti-twist security and the Tail Sleeve will not move in any direction with 5 strategically placed anchor points to the harness. Your dog's tail-tip injury will stay clean and covered, you can check the wound, and your dog's tail can heal.  Going potty with it on is  mess-free with proper setup and wound care without removing it is possible for tail-tip injuries .  Taking it off & on requires un-fastening 4 buckles and takes 1 - 2 minutes (once straps are setup). 

      Materials: Cotton Canvas Tail Sleeve with Polyester AirMesh padding, both fabrics breath and allow airflow.

      Washable - Machine Wash & Dry

      Anchoring Belts  4 Straps hold the Tail Sleeve in a unique anti-twist design. Two of them hold the tail sleeve to the harness along the back, another strap holds at a diagonal angle under the chest, and the wag belt holds tail lower than dog's back and slows wag.  Straps are far from belly/tummy. 

      *  Sizing by breed works well for accurate sizing. If your pup is mixed choose a breed that has a similar body length (Labrador for regular length pups, German Shepard for Long dogs, and Great Danes for giant breeds)  Our Sizing tool is helpful too. For Custom orders  we send you what you need based on breed/weight, back and tail length, there is a 1 -2 day delay for custom orders. 

      Saftisfaction Guarantee allows 90 days for returns & refunds 



      Customer Reviews

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      I wish I had bought this months ago! No more crime scenes in our small kitchen with white cabinets. Yuck! I lost track of how many times I had to clean kitchen cabinets, walls, furniture, and clothes. The TailSaver ended the cleanup immediately. But more importantly, it has given our Black Lab's tail a chance to heal. He had been on antibiotics for months. We tried wrapping the tail (for the 10 minutes it stayed on). We tried a cone and calm down pills. Nothing worked. This product is amazing!


      Our Bernese Mountain Dog Wood split the end of her tail hitting it on hard objects around the house. Blood was literally flying all over when she wagged her tail. This worked great giving her good time to heal protecting her sore tail

      Paula Jones
      Tail Saver

      I purchased this as my Cocker Spaniel Cooper has damaged the end of his tail from too much wagging. I manage to get it almost healed & then he will catch it again & the house looks like a crime scene all over again not to mention the pain & discomfort he feels. This harness & tail sleeve is a game changer, not only does it control the wagging at a lower level the padded sleeve helps minimise impact on hard surfaces which is key for 'happytail'. I used the size calculator to work out which size was best & ordered the small which fits perfectly with lots of adjustment to make it comfortable for him. I watched the video to see how to fit & connect the tail sleeve which was very useful & I fitted it with ease. Cooper has had it on for 5 days now & he is very happy wearing it & has not tried to chew it at all so it must be comfortable or I'm should he would of. Julie was extremely helpful ensuring that I got the correct size & the delivery was very quick. I'm so pleased with the service & more importantly the product hopefully this will mean Cooper can keep his tail rather than having to have surgery for a partial amputation. Highly recommended.

      Kali dog mom
      Life saver

      This was much needed to protect our dogs tail. She tolerates it just fine.

      Debbie Cook
      Second Order! We love our TailSaver

      We have a Lab/ Great Dane mix and she often hit her tail on the walls of our home and blood would get everywhere! We are so happy to have found TailSaver about a year ago. We painted the walls and they have stayed clean! Woohoo!


      Delivers as promised! It will take many adjustments for the best fit but so worth the little bit of extra effort! No more crime scene blood splatter throughout the house. My dog wears the vest and tail saver without ant signs of discomfort Happy pup, happy mom!

      Alls Well that ends well

      I'm sending before and after pictures of Reeds fully healed "happy tail" and want to thank you for your patience and excellent customer service. After realizing this was really the only way to solve for happy tail syndrome and concluding I couldn't possibly put the harness together myself I called my brother-in-law who patiently studied the material and got the harness on my skirmy yellow lab. I mastered the tail wrap using the video and eventually could do it solo. It was challenging but we persisted - and alls well that ends well. Many thanks.

      Lynn-Marie McHugh

      Overwhelming at first. Started slow. I was going to wait for my husband but I was too excited. Successful … I think. Took me two hours. Fingers crossed his happy tail will heal. This is my last hope. Wishing I bought this sooner.


      It didn’t protect my dogs tail and ended up having to be amputated

      The TailSaver is a Life Saver

      I can't express enough how wonderful this product has been for us. I was so sceptical when I ordered it but was at my wits end with cones of all shapes and sizes. My GSD had a wound on his tail and we could NOT keep him off it. The TailSaver is the only product that worked for him and I am so thankful. It took us about ten minutes to fit and get on properly but once it was on we haven't looked back. Our dogs tail is healing beautifully, he isn't running into walls or knocking anything over, he can eat and drink out of his bowls easily and play with all of his toys with absolutely no problem. 100% super recommended.