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K9 TailSaver® Set

K9 TailSaver® Set

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    What's Included:

    Support Harness: This comfortable harness secures the Tail-Sleeve and features adjustable straps and fasteners for easy on and off. Made from AirMesh with a ripstop nylon exterior for water resistance and a flexible neoprene neck for comfort, it's designed for long wear with no pressure points.

    Protective Tail Sleeve: This breathable and secure sleeve fully encases your dog's tail. Made from durable cotton canvas and AirMesh, it provides cushioning and allows for airflow. Adjustable straps with five strategically placed anchor points to the harness prevent twisting and keep the sleeve secure.

    How It Works:

    The K9 TailSaver keeps your dog's tail-tip injury clean and covered, allowing for easy wound inspection and healing. With proper setup and wound care, potty breaks while wearing the TailSaver are mess-free.

    Putting on and removing the TailSaver takes about 1-2 minutes once the straps are adjusted initially. It involves unfastening four buckles.

      Anchoring System:

      Four straps hold the Tail Sleeve securely in place and prevent twisting. Two straps run along the back connecting the sleeve to the harness. Another strap provides diagonal support under the chest, and the wag belt positions the tail lower than the dog's back to discourage wagging. All straps are positioned away from your dog's belly for comfort.


      We recommend using our size chart for the best fit. However, a sizing tool is also provided. If your dog is mixed breed, choose the size based on a similar body type (e.g., Labrador for medium-sized dogs, German Shepherd for long-bodied dogs, Great Dane for giant breeds).

      Custom Orders:

      Custom sizing is available with a 1-2 day lead time. To order a custom size, we'll need your dog's breed, weight, back length, and tail length.

      Enjoy free standard shipping on all US orders! We also offer expedited shipping options by request.

      Satisfaction Guarantee:

      We offer a 90-day return and refund policy.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 618 reviews
      Paula Jones
      Tail Saver

      I purchased this as my Cocker Spaniel Cooper has damaged the end of his tail from too much wagging. I manage to get it almost healed & then he will catch it again & the house looks like a crime scene all over again not to mention the pain & discomfort he feels. This harness & tail sleeve is a game changer, not only does it control the wagging at a lower level the padded sleeve helps minimise impact on hard surfaces which is key for 'happytail'. I used the size calculator to work out which size was best & ordered the small which fits perfectly with lots of adjustment to make it comfortable for him. I watched the video to see how to fit & connect the tail sleeve which was very useful & I fitted it with ease. Cooper has had it on for 5 days now & he is very happy wearing it & has not tried to chew it at all so it must be comfortable or I'm should he would of. Julie was extremely helpful ensuring that I got the correct size & the delivery was very quick. I'm so pleased with the service & more importantly the product hopefully this will mean Cooper can keep his tail rather than having to have surgery for a partial amputation. Highly recommended.

      Alls Well that ends well

      I'm sending before and after pictures of Reeds fully healed "happy tail" and want to thank you for your patience and excellent customer service. After realizing this was really the only way to solve for happy tail syndrome and concluding I couldn't possibly put the harness together myself I called my brother-in-law who patiently studied the material and got the harness on my skirmy yellow lab. I mastered the tail wrap using the video and eventually could do it solo. It was challenging but we persisted - and alls well that ends well. Many thanks.

      The TailSaver is a Life Saver

      I can't express enough how wonderful this product has been for us. I was so sceptical when I ordered it but was at my wits end with cones of all shapes and sizes. My GSD had a wound on his tail and we could NOT keep him off it. The TailSaver is the only product that worked for him and I am so thankful. It took us about ten minutes to fit and get on properly but once it was on we haven't looked back. Our dogs tail is healing beautifully, he isn't running into walls or knocking anything over, he can eat and drink out of his bowls easily and play with all of his toys with absolutely no problem. 100% super recommended.

      Mary Elizabeth Barbosa-Jerez

      This morning I spent an hour fitting my St Bernard mix’s tail saver. It’s GREAT. He doesn’t seem to mind it at all, it keeps his tail from being both a weapon and a liability, and is keeping him from re-injuring it — he came to me with a bad case of happy tail that’s thankfully ALMOST healed. Great product, well designed. I really appreciated the careful fitting video.


      Courtney Huey

      The harness would have been great if I didn't have a Malinois. She chewed it off the first day. Came home to her tail wagging with the tail saver hanging off the side! 80 bucks down the drain

      Hi Courtney,
      I'm so sorry your pup is without her TailSaver! We can send you another harness.. and I have tips to prevent chewing. In the first 2 days it's new to pups so we use a cone or doughnut collar for the first 2 days. After that though they're almost never chewed...unless the setup isn't comfortable (caused by a setup mistake) For a chewed harness it's usually because the neck straps were adjusted too loosely. For straps on back or upper tail sleeve it's caused by adjustment too tight under the tail..and lower tail sleeve is usually only chewed in the first week when the wound is really painful or itchy. All can be addressed and we help folks through those bumps on the way to success. If you still need a harness let me know and I'll send one for just a small ship/handling fee. Sincerely, Julie

      Nathan Bahr

      K9 TailSaver® Set

      emily lafleur
      I now swear by this product!!

      My girl had an obsession with chasing her tail. She ended up nipping it and it caused a huge bump. We were told to wrap it to keep her from licking it & making it worse. We couldn’t get the wrap to stay on no matter how we wrapped it. & the wrap was also making it raw & worse. So as a desperate last resort we decided to try the happy tail saver & within days we saw sooo much improvement!! We didn’t wrap it so it was able to heal without her getting to it. We would put her cone on when we were at work, along with the happy tail saver. She seemed confused by it at first but she adapted fast. After a week of wearing it 24/7 she was able to only have it on when we left the house. We were at a loss of what to do and I think even our vet was stumped. So this product was our literal saving grace!! I was iffy at first because it’s not cheap but I wish we would’ve just gotten this from the beginning because we spent so much on different wraps and medications trying to find a solution. Happy tail or a chew up tail… I most definitely recommend this product!!