About Us

Happy Tail Saver: Born from Love for Our Dog

Our journey began when our own dog developed Happy Tail Syndrome. Determined to find a solution, we designed the K9 TailSaver®. After countless hours of development and testing on various breeds, we perfected a brace suitable for all dogs.

We're passionate about providing not just a product, but also support and guidance. Our mission goes beyond simply providing a product. We understand the emotional toll Happy Tail Syndrome can take on both you and your fluffy companion. That's why we offer not just the K9 TailSaver®, but also unwavering support and knowledgeable advice every step of the way. Veterinarians who've seen the K9 TailSaver® recommend it to their clients. We hope to soon see it available in animal hospitals, saving you the cost of repeated vet visits.

Product quality, compassionate care, and exceptional customer service are our cornerstones. We stand behind the K9 TailSaver® with a money-back guarantee. You have 90 days to return it if unused. If you have trouble fitting the brace, we're readily available by phone or email to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. We even offer free size exchanges. 

This is our story. We'd love to hear yours and how the K9 TailSaver® helped your pup!