#1 Happy Tail Syndrome & Tail Injury Protector, Fast Shipping Worldwide

K9 TailSaver® by Happy Tail Saver

#1 Vet Recommended Original Soft Tail Brace for Happy Tail Syndrome, Broken Tail, Exposed Bone, Infection, Cyst, Tail-Biting or Chasing, and other Tail Injuries. Tail's are Protected by the Padded Tail-Sleeve and the Supporting Harness. It Stays on Active Dogs and Chewers of Bandages, Wraps, Noodles and Covers. It's Secure and Prevents Re-Injury.

Dogs Leave the K9 TailSaver On, Injuries are Protected, Medicines stay on for Fast, Safe Healing.

K9 TailSaver® is a 2-part set which Includes a Breathable Padded Tail Sleeve, a Carefully Designed Support Harness, a Wag Strap and a built in Anti-Twist Strap. Unlike 1-part options K9 TailSaver stays on and is comfortable. There's only one "Tail SAVER"!

It Doesn't Trigger Chewing. 

Wound care is easy.

Your Dog Can Go Potty. Be Crated. Wag. Skip the Cone. 

Wearing the K9 TailSaver Full-Time is Common, Leaving Bandages off is often Possible, Allowing for Access to Injury and Air Flow for Healing. Money is Saved by Avoiding Emergencies & Amputation.

•Tail Fits inside of Tail-Sleeve • Going Potty OK • Can Wag •Padded Protection • Breathable • Comfortable • Wear Anywhere

• Machine Washable •Tails Heal, Skin & Hair Thickens

Complete Sets $69.95 - $89.95 (XS - 3XL)

Heal your dogs injured tail tip with K9 TailSaver, and your dog will thank you because it's comfortable. Avoid risky and expensive docking, this is kind and effective. Its guaranteed or your money back.

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It didn’t protect my dogs tail and ended up having to be amputated


Only worked for 2 days before my dog destroyed it


While its a great concept I did not realize how complicated it was, especially my giant baby of a dog who can't stand Still. We have crime scenes everyday cause he loves people its great but annoying. He tries to hite this off constantly.


Didn’t work at all, submitted a return e-mail and I have yet to hear back. Unfortunate


My dog was relentlessly licking his tail wound causing infection and regular bloody messes requiring hours of cleanup around my house. The largest cone available couldn’t keep him off of it. We were on the cusp of having his tail amputated before I found this thing by a stroke of luck.

He doesn’t love wearing it and he can find ways to get the sleeve off but it’s few and far between. This thing ended so much stress for my dog, my household, my wallet and me. I can’t recommend it enough and every vet out there should have some kind of affiliate relationship with this company to help dogs with tail injuries.


Helped heal his tail quickly!


Is not working for my dog. Idk what I'm doing wrong because I know this should work:(


Easy to install.


I wanted to give a good review to this item and ultimately I do think it could work. But for us our dog got his cone off and once that happened he chewed the entire apparatus apart. I’m not requesting a refund because times are hard enough for small businesses and the product is well built - it’s just an awkward item with lots of straps and once the e collar was off and he could chew at all the straps he did. So my suggestion is to ensure that the straps can’t be chewed by either a very good e collar or maybe some sort of onsie ontop of the apparatus. It’s a difficult injury and sadly this item didn’t help for us - but it is well built and they shipped it quickly and in theory I can see it working if you can watch the dog but once they are alone in a crate - we lost all hope I. That situation. We think we are going to be able to save his tail because we have kept him from hitting his tail by moving things around and trying to avoid situations where he hits his tail. Good luck


This tail saving contraption, the company and main woman behind the scenes (Julie) is EVERYTHING! 10/10!