The Solution for Happy Tail Syndrome by Happy Tail Saver

K9 Tail Saver is for tip of dog tail thats bleeding, cut off, or tip is bleeding from happy tail syndrome or dog biting at tail until it bleeds, or other dog tail injury, this dog tail tip protector is how to fix happy tail syndrome, works for remedy and prevention.
happy tail syndrome solution to heal dog tail bleeding, dog tail injury and to stop  dog biting tail until it bleeds. Heal tip of dogs tail cut off, tip of dog tail and stop the bleeding.It's the dog tail tip protector for dog tail injury.
happy tail syndrome solution to heal dog tail bleeding, dog tail injury and to stop  dog biting tail until it bleeds. Heal tip of dogs tail cut off, tip of dog tail and stop the bleeding.It's the dog tail tip protector for dog tail injury.
K9 TailSaver™
Make a Note with your order if:

Your dog is a heavy chewer of non-toys
If your dog's tail points to the ceiling
If your dog wears an XXXL harness or collar
Your dog wears a small or small harness or collar

K9 TailSaver™

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      K9 TailSaver Includes:

      Support Harness -secures the tail sleeve so it will not move or come off. Straps at neck and girth. Quick release buckles for easy on/off attachments to both your dog and the tail sleeve. Neoprene panel at neck and special design for comfort allows for sleeping in the harness and long wear times.

      1/6" thick breathable and comfortable Polyester AirMesh material, Ripstop Nylon on exterior of harness to keep it dry and Neoprene panels at neck and under tail for comfort. There's a D-Ring on back for dog-walking. 


      Protective Tail Sleeve The tail sleeve is 1/6" thick AirMesh, for padding, breathability, and impedance of wag. It's loose fit won't provoke chewing. It has quick release buckles and a extra length for rolling up, which adds wag impedance and thick padding at tip of tail. A waist to chest belt is included for  anti-twist support.  The Tail Sleeve will not move in any direction with 4 different anchor points to the harness. Your dog's tail-tip injury will stay clean, ointments you use will stay on, you can check wound easily, and  it can become healthy again.

      Materials:   Polyester AirMesh fabric for protection and airflow.  2 Adjustable Straps on back with quick release buckles, an adjustable waist to chest belt for anchoring Tail Sleeve in a unique anti-twist design.  

      Machine Washable

      Guaranteed to stays in position, and be comfortable, or your money back.

      Make a Note with your order if:

      Your dog is a heavy chewer of non-toys

      If your dog's tail points to the ceiling 

      If your dog wears an XXXL harness or collar 

      Your dog wears a small or small harness or collar 


      Customer Reviews

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      Just What We Needed

      Niko my 10 year old German Shepherd has been obsessively locking a spot on his tail for several years. With the use of the Cone Of Shame, cervical collars, wraps and bandages for several weeks it would almost heal and then he would lick the scab off and restart the cycle. Until it completely heals and the hair grows back he will not leave it alone. After two weeks I have to say this has been the effective method of dealing with the situation. At first he wasn't too thrilled but with a little adjustment he got used to in in a matter of days and pays no attention to it at all. Unlike the other less effective solutions he can function normally without any stress or hindrance. His tail is healing nicely with the air able to reach it and he hasn't even tried to worry it. He will keep it on for a few more weeks and there after should he start working on it again I am confident immediate return to the Tailsaver will promote healing in a short time. Even if he ends up wearing it more than not it will be a good thing compared to the alternatives. Twenty five years ago I closed a car door on the tail tip of Greta my first Shepherd. She suffered from Happy Tail and my vet thought amputation was likely. Fortunately her tail was saved but it was an ordeal. I wish the Tailsaver existed then.

      Happy Tail Saver

      My sister's Rhodesian Ridgeback dog is doing extremely well with the Happy Tail Saver. His tail is so much better. Thank you!

      Our Saving Grace!!! HappyTail Saver to the Rescue

      Oh my gosh I don't know where to begin. We have been dealing with happy tail for almost SEVEN months. It has been a never ending saga of bandages (that never stay on) and vet appointments. I really do not want to amputate the tip of my dogs tail. If I can't get a little cut to stop bleeding how will that help?! Luckily I had a friend recommend this product to me after I posted a video to facebook of the amount of blood that I had to clean almost daily. Rogue is a Bernese Mountain Dog that weighs 113lbs. We ordered the large. The tail portion is very big. It has fallen off a few times. It also doesn't stay rolled. That is probably my only complaint. I always think I'm going to take it off him at night and see blood..never anything there. This is the best his tail has looked in a long time. We are going to keep it on every day for as long as it takes for his hair to grow back on his tail. I will be recommending this product to veterinarians. Would have been great if we had this from the onset of the problem. Thanks HappyTail Saver!


      Good product, it’s a little big, but does save the tail

      Finally a solution!!

      My lab mastiff Jack had CCL surgery and needed to be in a kennel when he couldn’t be supervised for a couple weeks as he healed. He is a power wagger and got a small cut on the tip of his tail from hitting the kennel. Then he chewed and licked it and made it worse. Six months, hundreds and hundreds of dollars in vet visits, bandages, creams and collars later and we could not get his tail to heal. We even tried laser therapy to help the healing. We would almost get there and he would injure it again. It was heartbreaking. He finally had to have 3 inches amputated due to necrosis. Then guess what... that wouldn’t heal! He kept whacking it again. Ugh! Then we found the Happy Tail Saver. It changed the game. For the first time in six months his tail started to heal. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I wish we found you six months ago. Great quality, great service and is finally better!!! I don’t know how this could be any less than 5 stars. I encourage you to advertise more to get to more pet owners. Amazon!! This works. My vet took pictures and the web site info for her other clients. Thank you!!!!!!

      Overall does the job

      I bought this because my Ridgeback somehow cut her tail to the bone. The vet was talking about amputation if it did not heal. After weeks of bandages anytime she hit it, her tail would start bleeding again. We bought this to help protect it and give it a little air to speed up the healing process. Overall it has been great. The only issue we have is that the straps start coming loose and her tail comes out. Other than that I think that it has really helped protect her tail without have any bandages on it.

      Love the Concept! Need a few tweaks.

      Great concept but my dog was able to chew the snap buckles after a week or so of using it. Maybe try using metal clip or carabiner instead. When it was on it worked great and as advertise. Just make sure your dog doesn't chew the product.


      This Tailsaver is actually named for what it does.The vet had said if it did not heal we might have to have his tail amputated.
      I knew this was not happening and after several rolls of gauze and no chew tape we stumbled across the TAILSAVER. At first it was confusing to put on but after a couple times we can snap it on our dog in minutes. His tail is now healed and the hair is starting to grow back only after maybe 2 weeks. And the customer service is over and above what we expected. Julie was amazing and always there to answer questions and help us. Definitely worth every penny on what it cost considering how much we spent on gauze and tape alone. Thank you for creating this, you deserve some type of award.

      Saved my dog's tail

      THANK YOU! I had been searching for alternatives to any medical procedure to help with my dogs constant biting of her tail. The vet said if we couldn't get it to heal, that they'd have to amputate her tail. I'm grateful to have found this product. The customer service is AMAZING. I apologize for it taking me so long to get around to writing this review.

      The K9 TailSaver works!

      I tried everything mentioned on Youtube to protect my dog's tail and this is the only thing that worked for me. She was missing hair on the last two inches of her tail, it was turning black from scabs, and she was getting blood all over everything. Not to mention her discomfort. She has been wearing the K9 TailSaver for two weeks now and her tail is healing!! It works just as they advertise. I'm so very grateful!!!!