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K9 TailSaver protects injured bleeding dog tails, and helps avoid amputation of dog tail. it's a sleeve and harness set that stays on any dog tail, and allows happy tail syndrome to heal, and your pup can wag his tail and be comfortable.
happy tail syndrome solution to heal dog tail bleeding, dog tail injury and to stop  dog biting tail until it bleeds. Heal tip of dogs tail cut off, tip of dog tail and stop the bleeding.It's the dog tail tip protector for dog tail injury.
happy tail syndrome solution to heal dog tail bleeding, dog tail injury and to stop  dog biting tail until it bleeds. Heal tip of dogs tail cut off, tip of dog tail and stop the bleeding.It's the dog tail tip protector for dog tail injury.
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K9 TailSaver® Set

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      K9 TailSaver® is a complete set and Includes:

      Support Harness  Secures the Tail-Sleeve so it will not move or come off. The adjustable straps and fasteners provide easy on/off attachment to the Tail-Sleeve. It's designed for comfort and long wear times, with no pressure points.

      Materials: 1/6" thick breathable Polyester AirMesh with Ripstop Nylon on exterior to keep it dry, and flexible Neoprene at neck for comfort.

      Washable - hand wash and hang dry

       Protective Tail Sleeve - Breathable and secure tail sleeve completely encases your dog's tail and is made of durable cotton canvas lined with AirMesh for 1/8" cushioning. Adjustable straps provide anti-twist security and the Tail Sleeve will not move in any direction with 6 strategically placed anchor points to the harness. Your dog's tail-tip injury will stay clean and covered, you can check the wound, and your dog's tail can heal. 

      Materials: Cotton Canvas Tail Sleeve with Polyester AirMesh padding, both fabrics breath and allow airflow.

      Washable - Machine wash, machine or  hang dry 

      Anchoring Belts  4 Straps hold the Tail Sleeve in a unique anti-twist design. Two of them hold the tail sleeve to the harness along the back, another strap holds at a diagonal angle under the chest, and the no-wag belt is for "up" tails, or to slow wagging. 

      Guaranteed to remain in position and be comfortable or your money back.

      When you include measurements, weight & breed we will assure you are sent the correct size. If you dont select a size the system will select XS for you.



      Customer Reviews

      Based on 336 reviews
      Amazing Product

      After weeks of bandaging and our Shade chewing off the bandages. Even with a cone. The Happy Tailsaver has been a life changer. Shade is comfortable and healing, finally.

      Has saved our dog's tail

      I think her happy tail is chronic, but whenever her tail gets bad we place her in her tail saver so her tail can recover

      Cheryl Alvarez

      Extremely satisfied with this harness. We tried multiple other ideas that were unsuccessful. The tail saver is the only product out there that truly works. Thank goodness.! Also, excellent customer service, so personable. Thank you for creating this device!

      Nicole Godfrey
      Quick Shipping! Saved Dane’s Tail

      We ordered December 23 and received on December 24. So pleased with the quick turnaround!!

      After struggling with tail wraps for several weeks, we were able to get our dane’s tail healed enough to not need the sleeve in less than 10 days. The harness didn’t bother her at all! Highly recommend!!

      The only constructive feedback I have is that the sleeve stabilizing strap (goes from sleeve under chest) is attached on one side with weak Velcro which came undone a couple times, releasing her tail from captivity. Everything else is attached with a buckle and I would have preferred a buckle on both sides of that strap.

      Question: We cut the tail sleeve 8 inches past the tip of her tail… what should be done with the excess sleeve length? We folded it in but it kept coming out. It wasn’t a problem, just wondering what we should have done for the next time.

      W Bockman
      Protected broken tail

      Our setter broke one bone about 2/3 of the way down here tail. The TailSaver protected her tail so it didn't have to be amputated. The harness kept everything in place.

      Yvette Ruiz
      I can sleep again!

      Thank goodness for this lifesaver! My 13 year old, Betsy, is used to going where she wants, when she wants. Her “happy tail” got infected and she was placed in a cone. She was NOT happy. Neither was I, having to wake up in the middle of the night to take off the cone so she could go pee/poop/eat/drink water, and then fight with her to get back upstairs and back in the cone. The K9 TailSaver has returned our life to normal. She can go in and out of her doggie door again and can eat and drink without me having to stand right over her. She has not tried to bite it or remove it in any way. She doesn’t even turn away when I go to put it back on her after it being off for a bit. This makes me think she’s pretty comfortable in it. At the very least I think she sees it as a gigantic step up from the cone! A million thanks… ~Yvette and Betsy

      Zandra McCann
      Extremely relieved Mamma!!

      After receiving a call from my Kennel that my Lab was suffering from Happy Tail while I was out of the Country, I found this product online and immediately had one expedited to them to use to try and help the healing process. Julie went above and beyond to help me get it to them in a hurry. Duke wore it no problem for a week, the Happy Tail is healing and am super grateful that I found it!!

      Greg and Irene Parsons
      Excellent solution to a difficult problem

      After bandages, duct tape, cones, and plastic shields all failed to prevent our dog from chewing the wounded tail, our vet concluded that surgery was necessary. Before taking that step we ordered the Tail Saver and it is resolving the issue. Although our dog had difficulty adjusting to it at first, she did not chew it and she has learned to manage her bowel movements with it in place. This has allowed her tail to start healing after about 3 days. I took her back to the vet who was impressed with the results and said she can avoid surgery. He wanted to know the name of the product and showed it to his staff. This device is well made and it works!!

      Kayla Gault
      Great product

      Very helpful product- making progress finally

      gail critchlow
      Absolutely amazing!

      I just wanted to say thank you!
      I ordered one of your tailsavers last Thursday - it arrived here in the UK by Saturday, fitted by Sunday morning and so far (Monday afternoon) we've had the first 24 hours in over 6 weeks of no tail bashing!
      We have a 6 month old Labrador pup with a very very waggy tail who injured his tail in his crate and we struggled badly with dressings, ointments, sprays, vet prescribed sedatives! to no avail - my worst fear was surgery, not necessarily because it would mean reducing his tail but if we were unable to get the current wound to heal what success would we have with a surgery wound! In fact our vets intend to recommend to any clients with a similar issue!
      Our stress levels have reduced dramatically and I think his wound is already healing - no blood since yesterday morning!
      We're not out of the woods quite yet but on the way I think!
      Thank you again!