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K9 TailSaver protects injured bleeding dog tails, and helps avoid amputation of dog tail. it's a sleeve and harness set that stays on any dog tail, and allows happy tail syndrome to heal, and your pup can wag his tail and be comfortable.
happy tail syndrome solution to heal dog tail bleeding, dog tail injury and to stop  dog biting tail until it bleeds. Heal tip of dogs tail cut off, tip of dog tail and stop the bleeding.It's the dog tail tip protector for dog tail injury.
happy tail syndrome solution to heal dog tail bleeding, dog tail injury and to stop  dog biting tail until it bleeds. Heal tip of dogs tail cut off, tip of dog tail and stop the bleeding.It's the dog tail tip protector for dog tail injury.
K9 TailSaver®

K9 TailSaver®

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      K9 TailSaver® is a complete set and Includes:

      Support Harness  Secures the Tail-Sleeve so it will not move or come off. The adjustable straps and fasteners provide easy on/off attachment to the Tail-Sleeve. It's designed for comfort and long wear times, with no pressure points.

      Materials: 1/6" thick breathable Polyester AirMesh with Ripstop Nylon on exterior to keep it dry, and flexible Neoprene at neck for comfort.

      Washable - hand wash and hang dry

       Protective Tail Sleeve - Breathable and secure tail sleeve completely encases your dog's tail and is made of durable cotton canvas lined with AirMesh for 1/8" cushioning. Adjustable straps provide anti-twist security and the Tail Sleeve will not move in any direction with 6 strategically placed anchor points to the harness. Your dog's tail-tip injury will stay clean and covered, you can check the wound, and your dog's tail can heal. 

      Materials: Cotton Canvas Tail Sleeve with Polyester AirMesh padding, both fabrics breath and allow airflow.

      Washable - Machine wash, machine or  hang dry 

      Anchoring Belts  4 Straps hold the Tail Sleeve in a unique anti-twist design. Two of them hold the tail sleeve to the harness along the back, another strap holds at a diagonal angle under the chest, and the no-wag belt is for "up" tails, or to slow wagging. 

      Guaranteed to remain in position and be comfortable or your money back.

      When you include measurements we will assure you are sent the correct size and if your pup is a chewer (or chews your TailSaver) let us know. We have tips/advice, and replacement parts.  


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 305 reviews
      Lynn Hammer
      Saved Our Tail!

      I am so happy to have found this product. I knew, from past incidents, that getting our dog's happy tail to heal was going to be a long hard process. My dog's tail goes constantly & hits everything like a hard rope. It was not difficult to put together & on our dog & he accepted it with no problem. He's healing & I'm confident his tail will be fine. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your creation.

      Patrick Blair
      Seems to be working

      It is a little difficult to set up, but once on, it seems to be working. My dog is a little bewildered by it, but doesn't seem to be chewing it or his tail. I am only a couple of days in, but so far so good.

      R Baird

      The tail saver was awesome for my pup. She got used to it pretty quickly. Her tail healed up in a week. I kept the tail saver on for another 2 weeks. Now I'm glad I have it in case of future injury.
      I used the wag strap for a couple days. My dog acted as if it was really confining her movements, so I took it off, and she did just fine without it. Also, the velcro strap hit her tail at a weird place, and was causing irritation, so I stopped using it. It stayed in place without the velcro strap and wag strap, and she healed up well. I would recommend this product to others.
      R Baird

      Maryclare Griffin
      Amazing Product

      We were at a loss before we found this product. Our dog’s tail, which had initially just had a tiny cut, had become infected and was failing to heal. We had tried bigger and bigger cones as well as wrapping her tail in pipe insulation to no avail and we were becoming resigned to the possibility that her tail would have to be amputated. Fortunately, this product worked perfectly. Although she found it uncomfortable at first, she quickly got used to it and was able to play, pee, and poop with it on (and without getting it dirty). Her tail is now healed. Thank you so much!!

      Robin Salerno

      This is a game changer…..my boy has the happiest of tails leading to much bloodshed….just got our tail saver and what a relief , no more wacking the tail on his crate in the car, and he’s still able to move freely
      Once it’s fitted, it’s easy on and off

      Deborah Jenkins

      Absolutely love this product. It arrived from America quickly but took 12 days to clear customs. 3 days of use and tail has dried up beautifully, it definitely beats using large buster collars and he was still able to get to end of tail. I sent dogs measurements, it fits perfectly but does need practice to fit on dog and took two of us. I’m so thrilled with product and I have a much happier dog. Thank you

      Aglaia Aronis
      K9 tail saver

      Good quality. Difficult to put on.

      Alex Murray

      My dog injured her tail when a door slammed on it. The doctor stitched and bandaged her up, but she kept shaking the bandage off no matter what we tried. Enter the TailSaver. It kept my dogs tail weighted down with the tail tie, so she would not shake as much. While the bandage still ended up coming off, the tail was protected in the TailSaver, and she was not able to hit her tail up against anything and break open the wound. After two weeks, we just removed the TailSaver and she has healed up well. She may not have been a fan of wearing it, but it definitely did it's job. Thank you so much!

      Great idea!

      It will take two people to put it on a giant, uncooperative dog. Being alone I haven’t been able to adjust it yet. He’s 175# and doesn’t cooperate. The TailSaver is very well made. I’m just not sure about the plastic clasps.

      Tail saver is really a tail saver!

      We have a large breed Mastiff mix that has happy tail syndrome. We have tried EVERYTHING over the years to heal his tail when he has opened up a new spot. The tail saver is the BEST solution to expediting the healing process. The tail saver stays on well so the dog can't repeatedly lick his sore tail. The size was perfect and easy to select based on the measurements on the website. All dogs with happy tail syndrome need the tail saver!
      I would have given the tail saver 5 stars but my dog has had to wear it daily for almost 2 weeks for the tail to heal and the piece on his back where the metal loop is ( to clip a leash to) has a hole/worn spot on the seam that will surely not hold up to long term use of the tail saver. The tail saver also is difficult to get on the dog until you have practice putting it on.