The Solution for Happy Tail Syndrome by Happy Tail Saver

About Us

Happy Tail Saver is a  family owned business near Chicago, Il.  We  designed the effective K9 TailSaver™ after our dog's tail developed Happy Tail Syndrome.  We worked long and hard to provide our dog with a better solution, and then moved on to testing our product on other breeds, and through much trial and error we designed the K9 TailSaver.  We are dog enthusiasts and our mission is to save injured dog tails and to provide hope and support to their loving and dedicated owners.
Product quality, customer support and quick shipping are our priorities and we offer our product at a price we hope every owner can afford.  Our money-back guarantee is offered because we want every dog with a tail wound to have a chance to heal and we hope you will try our product.  If you are not 100% satisfied we'll refund your money.
This is our story, please share your story and your K9 TailSaver experience!