#1 Tail Protection for Happy Tail and Injuries Worldwide Shipping

K9 TailSaver® by Happy Tail Saver

#1 Vet Recommended for Happy Tail Syndrome, Tail Dermatitis, Tail-Anxiety or Allergies & Broken Tail. Tail is Protected by the K9 TailSaver Padded Tail-Sleeve and Supporting Harness. 

Dogs Leave the K9 TailSaver Alone. The Wound Stays Clean. When Covered and Protected, Dog Tails Heal Nicely.

K9 TailSaver® Includes 2 Parts: The Loose-Fitting, Breathable, Padded Tail-Sleeve and the Carefully Designed Harness for Support. 

It Doesn't Trigger Chewing. 

Wound care is easy.

Your Dog Can Go Potty. Be Crated. Wag. Skip the Cone. 

Full-Time Wear is Recommended While Injured Tail Heals. Leaving Bandages Off is Possible. Wound Care is Easy Wth it in Place.

•Tail Fits inside of Tail-Sleeve • Going Potty OK • Can Wag •Padded Protection • Breathable • Comfortable • Wear Anywhere

• Washable •Tails Heal 

Heal your dogs injured tail tip with K9 TailSaver, and your dog will thank you because it's comfortable. Avoid risky and expensive docking, this is kind and effective. Its guaranteed or your money back.

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Caesar’s mum
Save my dog’s tail and my peaceful life!

I was so frustrated on my dog kept wagging his bandage off. I have to exchange that 4 times a day! The harness saved my ass! Can’t be more satisfied!

Ruth Lee
Thank you Happy TailSaver!

I can’t say that my yellow lab Daisy likes the Happy TailSaver, but I love it! The Happy TailSaver is allowing her tail to heal and helping her to avoid having her tail amputated. I highly recommend the Happy TailSaver and I wish I had found it sooner!

So far, it's amazing!

We are three weeks in using this product on a pup with chronic happy tail. Within the first week, there was already significant healing. We will leave this in place for at least another two or three weeks to allow complete healing. Previously, the tail was wrapped and would never heal. This product allows air to circulate around the wound and also allows you to apply antibiotic spray frequently, both of which facilitate healing. We've also washed and dried the Tail Saver with no issue.

Megan M
Working so far

Might be a little soon to tell if it’s going to save his tail, but at the very least, my pup doesn’t pull it off and it does keep him from licking/biting the wound and tearing it back open. We’ve had to do a combination of pain reliever, antibiotic and keeping it bandaged. This is a nice supplement to all of that and now that the wound is finally healing, he wears it while the hair is growing back so that he doesn’t re-injure it. Another benefit is it seems to calm him down a bit so he’s not so wild in general which is how the tail got hurt in the first place. So far, so good!

Brenda Gaffney
Can’t say

By the time we received it ( and I paid extra for shipping)his tail was healing and bandages were staying on. He is not using a cone and is doing well. We look at the purchase as an insurance policy so we will never be in this position again

Cindy Gartley
Life saver

Our dog suffers from separation anxiety and has broken her tail open many times. We would come back and find blood everywhere and all over her. We were at a loss as to how to help her. Then we found K9 Tailsaver… it’s a saver!! She has no issues wearing it, she can be left alone now and we don’t come back to a more anxious dog with blood all over her. Thank you so much for this product.

Ginger Mitchell
Definitely helps

It definitely helps, but poor pup whines because he has to where it. It calms him down though.

Kate Robertson Pryor
Saving Our Dog’s Tail

This is the only thing that has stayed on and is actually protecting and saving our dog’s tail and our house from looking like a constant murder scene. So thankful to have found this product! Our dog has a degenerative muscular disease so he is on a high dose of steroids for the rest of his life. Once he hit his tail from “happy tail” and it produced a sore, he will not heal due to the steroids. We tried bandaids, sports tape, and sprays to keep him from biting those off, but nothing worked. We wish we had just started with this product.

Great product for dogs with Happy Tail! Worth trying!

I was referred to this product by my vet when my dog was already at the point of getting his tail amputated. I ordered the morning of the surgery, and by the time he was ready to try on the harness, his tail ended up being too short. Whenever I called for customer service I was greeted by a live person to talk me through trying things on, and was ensured a return would be honored if the product didn’t work out. For my Shady, his tail was too short after the amputation for the product to work, but would have been perfect if I learned of it before we got to the last resort of amputation! Even if you are unsure this is the product for you and your dog, it is worth a try with great support and service whether you keep the product or not. Workmanship and quality are excellent as well. If you are not at the amputation stage I highly recommend trying this product because you may be able to avoid getting to that point. Return was easy and I have received my refund. Best of luck to anyone dealing with Happy Tail, I know how hard it is!

Steven VanDeKeere
Worked great.

We have a 44# Plott Hound. She had to get about 4” of her tail amputated because of her happy tail issues. 😢 The Tailsaver did a good job of keeping her bandages covered, as well as stifling some of her wagging while her tail healed. She was able to throw is a couple times while she was kenneled, but after a couple adjustments it’s fit great. Highly recommended.