The Solution for Happy Tail Syndrome by Happy Tail Saver

K9 TailSaver™ by Happy Tail Saver

Any Dog with Happy Tail Syndrome, bleeding-tail tip, or other tail wound or will appreciate this comfortable and effective garment for healing their tail. It includes 2 parts: a loose fitting protective sleeve, which will not twist or come off, and a comfortable support harness for anchoring it. Their tail will stay clean, ointments will stay on, it won't trigger chewing, and you can check tail injury easily. The TailSaver™ will keep the wound clean, it's easy to use, your dog can to the bathroom, and it's designed for constant wear until your dogs tail is healed.  

•Quick release buckles

• Injured Dog Tail goes inside of  Sleeve

•  1/16" AirMesh  Fabric

• Includes Support Harness 

•Comfort for Day & Night wear 

•Dogs able to go #1 or #2

•Adjustable tail length, neck and chest girth 

•Airflow and Cushioning 

•Easy to use

• Machine Washable 

• It helps your dog's tail to heal

Heal your dogs injured tail tip with K9 TailSaver, and your dog will thank you because it's comfortable. Avoid risky and expensive docking, this is kind and effective. Its guaranteed or your money back.

Misty's Happy Tail

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Customer Reviews

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Was desperate!

Tried so many things... this works. And she tolerates it. Quite the conversation starter when we are on our walks!

Best Option to Prevent Early On Happy Tail

This has been a great product to prevent early on happy tail.

Tail Saved!

We want to thank you all so much for the K9 TailSaver. Our dog was literally painting our walls red with blood after an exciting family gathering that had her repeatedly hitting her tail against every wall, chair, door, floorboard in the house. We had never experienced this before and like so many others who sought their Vets opinion, amputation was the only solution if we couldn't control the reopening of her wounds with every wag. We were anxious to receive your product, and although our puppy girl was not happy about having to wear the harness at all, it allowed her tail to heal nicely and she's back to 100%! Nothing we tried before the TailSaver worked. So again, thank you for making a product that performs exactly as described. Her tail is truly "happy" once again, and we are so relieved. My family and I highly recommend it!

Great Product

Love, love this product. Great life saver for me. We just adopted a Great Dane "puppy" (1 1/2 years old). She gets so happy when talking to her that her tail bangs up against walls, furniture, etc. Walls, lamps, etc. Looked like a murder crime scene and the vet suggested amputating her tail for health sake. I found your site and immediately ordered it. It came within a fee days. Thank you, thank you! Her tail has completely healed! At first, she kept trying to chew at it but now, she doesn't think about it. I would suggest taking it off when they go out to do their business cause the underside can get residue on it and if your dog loves to roll around in the grass, it gets muddy during the rainy/snowy season and you'll have to wash it so I take it off now when she goes out for potty time.

Literally saves tails

This product saved my police K-9 partners tail, they vet talked about amputation. We tried many things before this product and nothing works as well as the tailsaver. Once he got use to wearing it, he even works patrol in it with no problems.

Life saver

This product works great and saved our home from being covered in blood from the tail wound. Every time someone came over our dog would open up her wound and start bleeding and flinging it all over the walls. This tail saver works and lets the wound heal. We only had to use it when visitors came over.

Works great!

As advertised, protects our dog's tail from bashing against walls and chair legs, and even slows the wag down a little bit. We've also used it to protect tail wraps and bandages from her own licking.


It works

It has kept my dog from chewing his bandage off which has helped start healing his wound

Best solution

This was the second time my girl had happy tail. The first time I was able to rig a contraption with shoe string. This time she got out of it within minutes. While she did get her tail out of this some of the was still a tailsaver! Only thing I wish it could do...stay rolled up. And I couldn't get the tie for upward facing tails to work.

6 month old the end of my rope!!

Thanks to TailSaver & Julie’s help, my girl’s tail is finally beginning to heal. We’ve been wearing it about 2 weeks and already see a big difference....not to mention, not cleaning up blood all the time. She’s LONG & very lean, Julie was great talking to me to help in needed customization & sizing to get a proper fit.