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Heal your dogs injured tail tip with K9 TailSaver, and your dog will thank you because it's comfortable. Avoid risky and expensive docking, this is kind and effective. Its guaranteed or your money back.
Heal your dogs injured tail tip with K9 TailSaver, and your dog will thank you because it's comfortable. Avoid risky and expensive docking, this is kind and effective. Its guaranteed or your money back.

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Best solution for happy tail

This harness works great. Not only does it protect my dogs healing tail, it also slows down his wagging tail. His tail has healed really well with this harness. My dog is a chewer so he has to also wear an E collar with the harness. If your dog has happy tail, do not wait to get this harness!


Though we've only had the Tail Saver for a few short weeks, its been great! No bleeding, no fussing and his tail seems to be healing slowly but surely. As many other users, have mentioned, the tail portion is quite long. We are likely going to hem it to a shorter length so Benton can use the restroom without our monitoring. Additionally, if you have a wiggle worm like we do - it can be hard to keep track of what buckles match up where when trying to put it on. I plan to use paint pens to color code the buckles to make the process easier! He has yet to fuss with it and bonus - it seems to keep him calm!


My pit/lab has a very happy tail and she is always hitting the tip. This has helped her not to hit the tail so it can heal

Saved my dogs tail

I adopted a greyhound who acquired a terrible case of happytail, blood droplets all over the house when we got him. Since using the tail saver the vet, previously discussed removing the tail, said it was healing and would be able to take the tailsaver off in 3 weeks. He is still wearing it but has healed well already.

Nicely healed tail

Nicely healed tail
Very successful healing for my lurcher who had happy tail. My previous dog - a Great Dane - had to have her tail amputated after unsuccessful bandaging attempts and lots of vet visits. So really happy to see a different outcome. He was very comfy in the harness - which is great given he is a skinny, deep-chested lurcher. It was such a relief to allow him to wag his tail rather than dreading it and trying to stop him. Cut healed over and scab came off after about a week of wearing with no more damage done. Love it - as did my vet

Best option for happy tail

This is the best option for happy tail. After 2 weeks the scabs have come off and his hair is starting to regrow. Good customer service too

Love it!!

My vet told me there was, "no cure". I tried my everything from bandages to sweat socks and garter belts. In 2 weeks I have seen a tremendous improvement. Thanks so much. I will be sending my vet this info for other pet owners.

Great invention!

My Labrador split his tail open and needed 5 stitches. He kept hitting it again so it would get raw and start to bleed again. I started using the tail saver 24 hours a day and was finally able to get his stitches removed today. No more bleeding and his tail is almost healed. He hated the tail saver at first, but has gotten comfortable in it now and has not tried to chew it.

Great Invention

I just moved to AZ from the midwest and one of my 3 pooches ended up injuring the end of her tail. I tried everything to keep a bandage on her tail. I went through roll after roll of cloth tape and self adhesive bandages. My dog would chew it off quicker than I could put it on. I tried using a tube sock to cover the end of her tail, but with nothing to attach it to, it came right off. I found this product while searching the web for ANYTHING that might help. I received the tail saver and put it into action right away. My dog wasnt too crazy about the harness or having this big sleeve on her tail, but she wasnt able to get it off of her tail when combined with a cone around her neck. Long story short I ended up having to have a small piece of my dogs tail removed to to the necrotic tissue from where she broke the blood vessels and it wouldn't heal. Without the tail saver I would have had to amputate the entire tail. Take the time to adjust the straps to make sure it's snug. If my dog got really excited and started wagging her tail with real vigor, she could get the sleeve off, but for the most part this product works great.

Saved my life (and my walls)

The concept is simple and clever. The harness needs quite a few adjustments to fit properly but in the end it is so worth it. My dog does not mind the harness at all and does not chew on any part. The tail sleeve works perfectly to control my pitbull as he wags his way around the house. It does not block wagging, it attenuates it and brings it down to a normal level. I totally recommend this product. I didn't have to clean my walls from blood since :)