The Solution for Happy Tail Syndrome by Happy Tail Saver


How to put on the K9 TailSaver by Happy Tail Saver How to put on the K9 TailSaver by Happy Tail Saver Support Harness for K9 TailSaver™

Place harness on your dog with the buckles near mid-back, silver walking ring above his/her spine.

Adjust the straps, neck adjustment can be tightened to "shorten" length of harness. Girth adjustment should be comfortably snug. Roll-up extra strap length and tuck into harness.

Tail Sleeve 

With opening of sleeve facing down tuck your dog's tail into the tail sleeve. Pull it all the way up to your dog's body, the top will come over his/her hips. The underside of the tail sleeve will press firmly to spot just above where he goes #2.  Be sure the underside of the tail is covered up to your dogs body.  

Fasten the  straps from the sleeve to the harness and tighten straps.

Hip-to-chest belt slides through a belt loop at your dog's chest before wrapping around dogs torso to fasten at opposite hip.

Have your dog lay down and stand up twice, each time adjusting straps on his back, around torso, and checking for snug fit under his tail.

Under the tail the fit must be tight, and if that cannot be achieved the under tail strap can be used.

If you lift the tail sleeve up it should not slide even a half inch "up" the underside of tail, if it does the under- tail strap is needed.

If sleeve touches the ground roll it up. 


Trim or roll up and tuck-in excess strap length (To trim: cut with sharp scissors, seal with quick-dry adhesive or burn edge with small flame)

If neck strap loosens put a drop of glue between straps. 

Loosening of other straps is solved by tucking end of strap through the buckle a final time after adjustments are made, in opposite direction as is expected.

Wound Care

Tail wounds should be seen by a Veterinarian.   An Ointment or liquid bandage is all you will usually need under the tail  sleeve. Wash the sleeve  as needed.

Q & A

Can Tail Sleeve be worn outside?  Yes, when adjusted correctly the sleeve is higher than where your dog goes #2 . The Hip-to-chest belt does not touch stomach or impede going #1.

Is harness and sleeve washable?  Yes, machine or hand wash cold, no bleach,  Air dry no heat.

What do I do with extra strap length? Straps can be cut and edges sealed with small flame or with quick-dry adhesive, or rolled-up and tucked into harness or under sleeve.

Can I cut sleeve shorter?  Yes but leave it to hang close to the floor when standing and longer than tail by at least 3" when laying down.  Finish edges and seam with glue.

When can I stop using it? After the wound is healed.  After that it can be worn as/if needed. 

Can we use ointment and bandages under the sleeve?  Yes you can access the tip of the tail from the bottom of the sleeve. The extra sleeve length keeps your dog from licking and chewing the area being treated.

How to attach sleeve  so it won't fall off?

#1 The straps from the sleeve to the harness are adjustable, and should be as tight as possible without causing discomfort to your dog.  Check that the sleeve is pulled to underside base of the tail where it meets your dogs body. 

There will be pressure on underside of the base of the tail.

#2  The belt that extends from tail sleeve, to underside of harness and around your dog to the other side of sleeve is important for stabilizing the sleeve.  

Will I need to adjust straps everytime? No, strap adjustments will be made the first time you use it on the dog and perfected for fit within few days. 

Can I walk my dog with the harness?  Yes, there is a metal ring provided on the harness for dog walking. 

Can my dog wear the harness without the sleeve? Yes, quick release fasteners attach sleeve to harness.