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K9 TailSaver® Instructions

1.Place harness on your dog with the walking ring above your dog's back.
2. The neck determines how far past the front legs the harness sits. It should be an inch past  your dogs front legs. Remove the harness to adjust the straps. 
1.At the top of the tail sleeve there are 2 equal straps...those attache to the harness,  Place your dog's tail into the sleeve and pull it up to your dog's body, the side with our logo will come over hips and the underside will press firmly to you’re dogs haunches just above where he goes #2.  The underside of the tail should be completely inside of the tail sleeve.
2.Fasten end of straps to the harness.
3.Hip-to-chest belt slides through a belt loop at your dog's chest before wrapping around his torso to fasten at opposite hip. Adjust length for snug fit.  
Have your dog lay down and stand up twice, each time adjusting all straps. and checking for snug but comfortable fit under the tail.
Wag Belt  test to see if this is needed by lifting up on tail sleeve fabric, if the tail falls out of sleeve your pup needs the wag belt. 
Length of Sleeve: Leaving 6-8” past tail you can cut near a red line to shorten length. Start with a full 8", and after washing/drying you can shorten it a bit more. 
Wound Care
 We recommend not using bandages under the sleeve, unless your vet says otherwise.  Keep wound clean and use good wound care  on it. Many of our customers use Vetericyn Hydrogel spray to both clean and coat the wound for faster healing with less itching, and it kills germ. Wash the sleeve  as needed. Hang it to dry if you need to avoid shrinkage in length. 
Q & A
Outside Wear 
Yes, when adjusted correctly the sleeve stays clean when dog goes #1 or #2. The Hip-to-chest belt does not touch stomach or potty areas and tail sleeve should fit snuggly above where he goes #2.    . 
Washing Instructions
Machine  wash and dry To avoid tail sleeve length shrinkage  hang to drip dry, and stretch length while drying. If length shrinkage is desired use a dryer.
Extra Strap Length 
Straps can be cut and edges sealed with glue or flame or rolled-up and tucked into harness or under sleeve. 
When did we use snaps instead of buckles? 
Snaps instead of buckles can be used if your pup is a buckle chewer, and may be available in your pups size. 
When can I stop using it? 
After the wound is healed and skin isnt thin and fragile.   
Bandages under the tail sleeve may cause chewing on the sleeve.  
Sleeve Fell Off
All straps need to be as tight as possible without causing discomfort to your dog.  Check that the sleeve is pulled to underside of the tail (where it meets your dogs body). 
1. Yoy may need to use wag belt
2. Check that your straps are not loose, or loosening, and are locked. 
3. No straps should be around your dogs tummy. It goes to underside of the harness and through a strap provided for it at that there. 
4. If tail sleeve shifts even a little on hips it will come off. Stop shifting with fine tuning the straps to harness and locking straps.
Will I need to adjust straps everytime? No, strap adjustments will be made the first time you use it.
Can I walk my dog with the harness?  Yes, there is a metal ring provided on the harness for dog walking (above the back)
Can my dog wear the harness without the sleeve? Yes, quick release fasteners attach sleeve to harness.