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Replacement Tail-Sleeve for K9 TailSaver®

Replacement Tail-Sleeve for K9 TailSaver®

Happy Tail Saver

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Tail-Sleeve replacement for K9 TailSaver®, ( aka a soft dog tail brace to potect the tail)

This does NOT include all parts needed to use the K9 Tailsaver®.  It will include a hip to chest strap and the two straps along back to the harness, a wag-belt and the Tail-Sleeve, aka a soft tail brace. 

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Customer Reviews

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Dogs tail healing rapidly only because of the protection afforded by the K9tail saver as previously ripping bandages off and air getting to wound instead of heavy occlusive bandages causing infection and slow healing


Great product. Had kept my dog from chewing on her tail. The comfort sleeve also protects it from when she hits corners of the wall. It has prevented a tail amputation. I am very grateful to have found this item.


Great product! Fast shipping

Amazing customer service

We are not quite out of the woods yet with out dog but hopefully getting there. The tail saver is a unique product and the company itself has been just amazing in trying to help us in every way to get our dog, and us, through this. I recommend this product to anyone dealing with happy tail syndrome.

Jesse Holcomb
Loveliest customer service

This company has the loveliest customer service. Our pup definitely needed to wear a cone along with the tail saver or she would turn around and rip it off immediately. She never quite got used to it, but it is nice to have the tailsaver on hand as an alternative to wrapping the tail-- It's much easier to have something to throw on when we know she will be somewhere that her tail tip is likely to open up.